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    1.6 x 24" Handheld Pipe Belt Sander, 3.6A

    Cheap electric pipe belt sander for sale. Belt size 1.6 inch x 24 inch (40mm*620mm), max pipe diameter 7 inch (180mm), power supply 3.6A for 220V or 3.3A for 240V, variable speed 700-3000 rpm. Best quality with low price.
    SKU: T-EBS-3025
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    Multifunctional pipe belt sander for industrial/commercial/home use, small size and lightweight for handheld operation. Used in sanding, drawing, polishing and mirror effect treatment for round steel pipes, stainless steel pipes and other metal round pipes.


    Model T-EBS-3025
    Rated Voltage 220V, 240V
    Rated Power 800W
    Rated Current 3.3/3.6A (240/220V AC)
    7.3A (110V AC)
    Belt Size 24 inch x 1.6 inch (620mm x 40mm)
    Max. Sanding Diameter 7 inch (180mm)
    No-Load Speed 700-3000 rpm
    Belt Speed In Idle 3.1-11.6m/s
    Accessories 1 carton brush, 1 nylon belt, 1 side handle
    Weight 4.1 kg


    • The handheld pipe belt sander is specially used in the occasions that need uniform sanding, it can also polish drawing effect of various lines.
    • Round tube drawing, polishing treatment, manufacturing mirror effect.
    • Clear new and old welds, repair old railings, etc.

    Structure Diagram of Pipe Belt Sander

    Structure Diagram of 24 x 1.6 Inch Handheld Belt Sander, 3.6A

    Dimension Drawing of Pipe Belt Sander

    Dimension Drawing of 24 x 1.6 Inch Handheld Belt Sander, 3.6A


    Belt Replacement for Pipe Belt Sander

    Belt Replacement for Handheld Belt Sander

    1. Hold the pipe belt sander with your right hand and push guide wheel inward with your left hand.
    2. Keep the left hand with original state and press the button with the right hand.
    3. Take out the belt and replace it.

    Tips: Handheld pipe belt sander applications.

    1. Bend pipe sanding. Pipe belt sander has a flexible belt, which is very suitable for the bend tubes at narrow position. The surface processed by belt sander is very smooth and shiny.
    2. Weld grinding. Sanding belt has ideal cutting speed and can effectively sand the weld.
    3. Grinding, burnishing, polishing. Pipe belt sander can also sand, burnish and polish installed railings.


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    Sherri | 9/3/2020 9:26 AM
    Handheld belt sander is working well
    Before buying this sander, I did a lot of research and after careful consideration, I decided to buy this sander from Since my strength is relatively small, what attracts me the most is its small size and easy handheld operation.