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    Cut-off Saw Machine, 3800rpm, 14-Inch

    Wholesale heavy duty 14" chop saw at low price cuts through steel, pipe, wood, tubing and other dense materials as a multipurpose cutting tool, features 3800rpm working speed, portable and lightweight design for easy control.
    SKU: T-CM-355
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    Free shipping cut-off saw machine for sale combines 14 inch diameter metal cutting saw, 220V voltage powerful motor and works at 3800rpm no-load speed and can cut a wide variety of materials including steel pipe, square tube, wood, rebar.


    Model T-GCO14-24
    Voltage 220V AC
    Power 2400W
    No-load Speed 3800rpm
    Saw Blade Diameter 355mm (14")
    Max. Cutting Depth 130mm (5.1")
    Cutting Depth 130mm (5.1")
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 17.0kg (13.22 pounds) / 18.5kg (18.74 pounds)
    Application Steel pipe, square tube, wood, rebar


    1. High working efficiency: Locking vise with quick release holds awkward material, stable for fast and efficient cutting.
    2. Easy to use: The adjustable fence adjusts for bevel cuts ranging from 0 to 45 degrees, spindle lock is for quick wheel changes.
    3. Long service life: Quality engineering and construction of precision helical steel gears ensures longer service life and ball and roller-bearing construction delivers smooth power transmission and extended tool life.
    4. High safety: The extra-large spark guard captures and deflects debris away from the surrounding area and superior motor insulation with extra motor overload protection during tough application is available.
    5. Application: Profile cutting machine is a metal-cutting solution built for light gauge metal stud and strut, steel pipe, round and square stock, rectangular tube, wood, conduit, tubing, rebar.

    Notes: User should take dustproof glasses, mask and gloves at the same time to reduce the dust during work.

    Tips: Maintenance and cleaning of cut-off saw machine

    1. Before servicing the cut-off machine or replacing parts and accessories, be sure to pull out the plug from the socket.
    2. Clean the ventilation slots of the construction tool regularly with a soft brush. The motor fan can draw dust into the housing and a large amount of accumulated metal dust can lead to electricall hazards.
    3. In some extreme operating environments, vacuum equipment must be used as far as possible. User should blow off the dirt in the vent frequently and install a portable residual current device (PRCD). Because conductive waste dust can settle in the interior of the construction cutter during processing metals so as to impaire its safety insulation performance.
    4. Have maintenance and repair work performed only by qualified specialists so that the safety of the cut-off machine is ensured to be maintained.
    5. Make sure to always keep the area around the blade protection cover clean so that the movable cover should always be able to move feely and retract automatically.
    6. If the replacement of the power line is needed, this has to be done by qualified specialists in order to avoid the damage of the cut-off machine.

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    George | 9/29/2020 2:33 AM
    The best rigid saw ever used
    In the past two decades, I have used dewatering and rigid saws, they are good and can do the job. Now, I need a new cutting machine. I was reading the good reviews of the cutting machine from and decided to order it. I was very impressed by its power. Its first job was to cut 3/8" thick 3X3 angle iron. This cutting machine finally ended my desire to use a rigid saw.