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    Digital Electric Soldering Iron, 60W

    Affordable price electric soldering iron for sale, with LED digital display. Rated power 60W, temperature controlled type, adjustable range 180℃~500℃/356℉~932℉, power supply AC 110V/220V/230V for selection. Portable pencil soldering iron with mini size and high efficiency.
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    The electric soldering iron is the best soldering tool for large electronic equipment and small/micro components. LED digital display and temperature controlled function make the soldering process more clear and precise.


    Model T-ESI-501
    Heating Type Internal heating type
    Temperature Control Method Adjustable temperature
    Rated Voltage AC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Rated Power 60W
    Heating Core Ceramic heating core
    Total Length 205mm
    Adjustable Temperature Range 180℃~500℃/356℉~932℉
    Accuracy ±5℃
    Temperature Correction Range ±99 unit
    Wire Length 1.7m
    Net Weight 120g


    • Temperature adjustment of the digital electric soldering iron is accurate, the temperature can be quickly raised to the set value in 2 seconds.
    • Digital electric soldering iron uses ceramic heating core, high sensitivity, easy to replace.
    • Anti-oxidation soldering iron bit, anti-rust, fast soldering, effectively preventing tin climbing.

    Digital Electric Soldering Iron Structure Diagram

    Structure of Digital Electric Solder Iron, 60W

    Soldering Iron Bit Replacement

    Electric Solder Iron Bit Replacement Step 1 Electric Solder Iron Bit Replacement Step 2 Electric Solder Iron Bit Replacement Step 3
    1. Unscrew the casing pipe. 2. Take out the soldering iron bit. 3. Install the new solder iron bit and screw the casing pipe.

    Tips: Value compensation method for digital electric soldering iron.

    After the digital electric soldering iron is tested by temperature tester, if it is found that the temperature value displayed on digital display is inconsistent with the actual measured value, the temperature can be calibrated through the compensation function.

    1. In normal working state, press and hold the + and - buttons at the same time to enter the compensation setting state.
    2. After entering the compensation setting state, the LCD will flash and display the compensation temperature setting value. According to the actual measured temperature value, users can input value through the H)/- two keys. The specific method is as follows:
      If the set temperature is 350, but the actual tested temperature is 340, users only need to modify the set value of compensation temperature to 340. If the set temperature is 350, but the actual tested temperature is 360, users only need to modify the set value of compensation temperature to 360. After the setting is completed, it will automatically exit after 5s, and then enter normal working state.
    3. The temperature correction range of digital electric soldering iron is ±99 units, and the specifications of this range are hidden (invisible) to users. Adjustments beyond this range will no longer be supported.
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    Silvia | 7/26/2021 2:27 AM
    Value digital electric soldering iron
    I was worried at first because of the cheap price. But this 60W digital electric soldering iron did not let me down. It's slim and gets hot in a hurry. The control button on the handle sets the desired temperature. The main appeal to me is that it's easy to carry. High performance digital electric soldering iron.