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    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 60W

    Cheap electric soldering iron for sale, temperature controlled type. Rated power 60W, external heating mode, adjustable temperature 200℃~450℃. Pencil-shaped design for portable use, economical price.
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    Electric soldering iron is the best soldering tool for no matter large electronic equipment or micro components. Temperature controlled function provides precision soldering effect.


    Model T-ESI-905S
    Heating Type External heating type
    Temperature Control Method Adjustable temperature
    Rated Voltage AC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Rated Power 60W
    Heating Core Ceramic heating core
    Total Length 250mm
    Peak Temperature 200℃~450℃
    Wire Length 1.3m
    Material Plastic, silica gel, stainless steel
    Net Weight 150g


    • The temperature controlled soldering iron has 60W high power, reach 450°C within 60s. Accurate temperature control and adjustment.
    • Alloy soldering iron bit, lead-free, environmental protection and long life.
    • Thick copper power wire, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, safe to use.

    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Structure Diagram

    Structure of Temperature Controlled Solder Iron, 60W

    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Use Method

    Temperature Controlled Solder Iron Use Step 1 Temperature Controlled Solder Iron Use Step 2 Temperature Controlled Solder Iron Use Step 3
    1. Plug in the power cord to preheat. 2. Dip the soldering iron bit with a little rosin for easy tinning. 3. Dip solder.
    Temperature Controlled Solder Iron Use Step 4 Temperature Controlled Solder Iron Use Step 5 Temperature Controlled Solder Iron Use Step 6
    4. Soldering (the solder wire will be melted when reaching the temperature). 5. If there are impurities on the soldering iron bit, clean it up on a wet high-temperature sponge. 6. After use, cool the soldering iron and put away.

    Tips: How to ensure safety when using temperature controlled soldering iron?

    • Do not touch the metal parts near the soldering iron bit to avoid burning your skin.
    • Do not use temperature controlled soldering iron near flammable and explosive materials to avoid fire.
    • Turn off the power during work breaks or after completion, and place the temperature controlled soldering iron out of the reach of children.
    • When replacing the soldering iron bit, be sure to turn off the power and wait for the soldering iron bit to cool down before replacing it.
    • It is strictly prohibited to use the electric soldering iron when it is damaged, especially when the power cord is damaged.
    • Temperature controlled soldering iron can use 3-wire or 2-wire plugs. The plug must be inserted into a 3-hole/2-hole socket. Do not change the plug or use an ungrounded plug adapter, otherwise it will cause poor grounding. If you need to extend the cord, use a grounded 3-wire power cord.
    • Do not use the temperature controlled soldering iron for work other than soldering.

    Watching the video below to learn more about how to use it safely.

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    Luis | 7/7/2021 8:15 AM
    Exquisite appearance
    I really like the exquisite shape of the 60W temperaturem controlled solder iron, and it is light in weight and easy to use. My family likes it very much and I recommend buying it.