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    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 90W

    Low price electric soldering iron for sale, temperature controlled type. Internal heating mode, adjustable temperature 200℃~450℃ or 280℃~480℃, high power 60W or 90W optional, rated voltage AC 110V/220V. Cheap pencil-shaped soldering tool with high quality.
    SKU: T-ESI-90
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    The electric soldering iron is suitable for various kinds of micro or large area electronics. Mini size, pen-shape structure for convenient operation. Temperature controlled function ensure the soldering accuracy.


    Model T-ESI-102C T-ESI-908 T-ESI-907S
    Heating Type Internal heating type
    Temperature Control Adjustable temperature
    Rated Voltage AC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Heating Core Ceramic heating core
    Rated Power 90W 60W 60W
    Peak Temperature 280℃~480℃ 200℃~450℃ 200℃~450℃
    Handle Shell Opaque Opaque Transparent
    Body Length 225mm 225mm 240mm
    Wire Length 1.3m 1.2m 1.3m
    Net Weight 200g 150g 150g


    • Alloy lead-free soldering iron bit, thick copper power wire, fast heat conduction, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, and long service life.
    • 5-level of temperature adjustment, accurate temperature control. After the temperature controlled soldering iron reaches to the specified temperature, it will automatically stop heating up. When the chip detects that temperature of the soldering iron has dropped, it will heat to the specified temperature again.
    • The temperature controlled soldering iron uses SMT chipping technology, integrated circuit board, high stability.

    Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Structure Diagram

    Structure of Temperature Controlled Solder Iron, 90W, model 102C
    Structure of Temperature Controlled Solder Iron, 90W, model 908
    Structure of Temperature Controlled Solder Iron, 90W, model 907S

    Tips: Precautions for using temperature controlled soldering iron.

    1. Use low temperature for soldering as much as possible.
      High temperature will accelerate oxidation to the soldering iron bit and reduce its service life. Please reasonably control the temperature of soldering iron bit.
    2. Don't apply too much pressure.
      When soldering, do not apply too much pressure, otherwise the soldering iron bit will be damaged and deformed. As long as the soldering iron bit can fully contact the soldering point, heat can be transferred. In addition, choosing a suitable soldering iron bit can also help heat transfer.
    3. Always keep dip solder for the soldering iron bit.
      Dip soldering can reduce the oxidation speed of soldering iron bit, making it more durable. After use, wait the temperature of soldering iron bit to lower slightly, then add new solder to make the tin-plated layer have a better anti-oxidation effect.
    4. Use low-activity flux.
      After use, store it on a suitable soldering iron rack to avoid damage to the soldering iron by collision.
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    Reem | 10/26/2020 3:03 AM
    Good temperature control soldering iron
    I like temperature-controlled soldering iron very much, and I reordered one. The effect is much better than expected. Its heating speed is very fast. It only takes a few seconds. There is no need to wait for a long time. If you like, please hurry up and place an order.