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    Stainless Steel Digital Vernier Caliper, 8 Inch/ 200mm

    Low price 8” / 200mm stainless steel digital vernier caliper measuring tool is used to measure inner diameter, outer diameter, depth and height. 0.001" (imperial) / 0.02mm (metric) high precision. Electronic LCD display. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material.
    SKU: T-DVC-200
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    Wholesale price forging measuring tool, graduation 0.02mm/ 0.001'', range 0 to 200mm electronic vernier caliper. The top nut can be tightened to lock the measurement data, convenient and practical. Locking screws for sliding measuring jaws. Intelligent power saving.


    Type Digital vernier caliper
    Measuring range 0-8 Inch / 0-200mm
    Resolution 0.001 " (imperial), 0.02mm (metric)
    Material Stainless steel
    Outer measuring claw length 40mm
    Internal measuring claw length 20mm
    Package weight 380g
    Package included

    1* Vernier caliper

    1* Standby battery

    1* Phillips screwdriver


    How to use a digital vernier caliper

    Tips: How is a vernier caliper used for Measurement?

    1. When measuring the outer diameter, the two outer measuring claws should be attached to the measured surface.
    2. When measuring the inner diameter, the measuring claw should be measured inside the hole without being skewed.
    3. When measuring the depth dimension, the depth rod should be perpendicular to the bottom surface of the measured object.
    4. When measuring the distance of steps, the bottom measuring claw of the step is parallel to the low end of the object to be measured, and the top measuring claw is close to the top of the object to be parallel and not skewed.
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    Gilberto | 1/7/2021 1:19 AM
    Vernier calipers for precise measurement
    The vernier caliper I purchased has been received, the display is very clear, and the data is very accurate. I bought it only after looking at the material. It is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust, and the use time is extended. I want to measure things like bracelets and recommend them to friends who need them.