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    Stainless Steel Digital Vernier Caliper, 12 Inch/ 300mm

    12 inch / 300mm digital vernier caliper with lower price. The stainless steel ruler body is not easy to rust and has high hardness. It is the ideal measuring tool for resolution 0.02mm high precision measurement. Metric and imperial system, automatic conversion of measuring length.
    SKU: T-DVC-300
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    Good price digital vernier caliper, 0-300mm measuring range, 0.001 " (imperial), 0.02mm (metric) switch. Conversion table of international units is attached for accurate conversion. Hard stainless steel depth measuring bar, 20mm / 40mm claw length.


    Type Digital vernier caliper
    Measuring range 0-12 Inch / 0-300mm
    Resolution 0.001 " (imperial), 0.02mm (metric)
    Material Stainless steel
    Outer measuring claw length 40mm
    Internal measuring claw length 20mm
    Package weight 610g
    Package included

    1* Vernier caliper

    1* Standby battery

    1* Phillips screwdriver


    How to use a digital vernier caliper

    Tips: Using tips of 12 Inch/ 300mm digital vernier caliper

    The 12 Inch/ 300mm digital vernier caliper with depth gauge must be combined with the measuring claw after it is used up, otherwise the thinner depth gauge will be easily deformed or even broken when exposed. After using the caliper, it must be wiped clean, coated with oil, and returned to the caliper box (or bag). Do not place the caliper on a magnetic object. If you find that the caliper is magnetic, you should demagnetize it before using it. Loosen the fastening screws when moving the ruler frame and the micro-movement device. Do not use the caliper as a caliper or screw wrench, or use the tip of the measuring claw as a scribing tool, compass, etc.

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    Denver | 2/26/2021 8:36 AM
    High-quality 12-inch vernier caliper
    This 12-inch vernier caliper is of high quality and is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. When not using it, I put it in a plastic bag packed with desiccant to prevent dust and moisture from entering. I use it to measure the inner and outer diameters of pipes. It has a high accuracy of 0.02mm and the measurement results are very accurate.