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    Stainless Steel Vernier Caliper, 12 inch/ 300mm

    Wholesale 12-Inch / 300mm stainless steel vernier caliper durable measuring tool. Designed for precision measurements, graduation 0.02mm/0.001''. Features in hard stainless steel depth measuring bar, caliper for both imperial and metric measurement.
    SKU: T-VC-300
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    300mm x 0.02mm vernier caliper made of stainless steel has a competitive price. Measuring range 0-12 inch, with smooth cut surface, high precision right angle. Accurate measurement, small error. Stable and durable.


    Type Vernier caliper
    Measuring range 0-12 inch / 0-300mm
    Resolution 0.001 "(imperial), 0.020mm (metric)
    Material Stainless steel
    Outer measuring claw length 40mm
    Internal measuring claw length 20mm
    Package weight 670g
    Package included 1*Vernier caliper


    500mm stainless steel vernier caliper using method

    Tips: How to use 12 inch/ 300mm stainless steel vernier caliper?

    Wipe the measuring claws of the vernier caliper with a soft cloth and keep them close together. Check whether the vernier and the zero scale line of the main ruler are aligned. If the zero scale is aligned, you can measure; if there is no alignment, record the zero error. When the zero scale line of the vernier is on the right side of the zero scale line on the ruler body, it is called a positive zero error. And when it is on the left side of the zero scale line on the ruler body, it is called a negative zero error (this stipulation method is consistent with the stipulation method of the number axis. The right side of the origin is positive, and the left side of the origin is negative). When measuring, hold the ruler with your right hand, move the vernier with your thumb, and hold the object with the outer diameter (or inner diameter) to be measured in your left hand, so that the object to be measured is located between the outer measuring claws, when the object to be measured is in close contact with the measuring claw, it’s time to read.

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    Steven | 11/2/2020 1:39 AM
    High quality and low price vernier calipers
    Our physics class needs to measure the diameter of the ball, so we need to use a vernier caliper. The vernier caliper I bought is of high quality and the price is very affordable. I bought a lot and the merchant gave me a lot of discounts, and it measures very accurate data, clear scales, and easy to read.