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    Plastic Digital Vernier Caliper, 12"/ 300mm

    Best price measuring range 0-300mm / 0-12" plastic digital vernier caliper, large LCD display, super large numbers makes you feel so convenient for reading it. PA66 high strength plastic ruler body, 0.1mm / 0.004" resolution meet your high precision need.
    SKU: T-SL-300
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    Cheap large range vernier caliper measuring tool for sale, range 0-12"/ 0-300mm, can avoid error within 0.1mm. The keys are clear and the measuring claw fits closely. The 1.5V button battery has a long life and is suitable for large range measurement.


    Model T-SL-300
    Type Plastic digital vernier caliper
    Measuring range 0-300mm / 0-12"
    Resolution 0.1mm / 0.004"
    Ruler body material PA66 high strength plastic
    Function Length measurement
    Operating temperature 0-40℃
    Net weight 110g
    Packing weight 140g
    Volume 45cm*15cm*4.5cm
    Battery type 1.5V button battery
    Package included

    1*Vernier caliper

    1*Standby battery


    Size of 300mm plastic vernier caliper

    Tips: How to read 0-12"/ 0-300mm vernier calipers?

    Both the vernier caliper body and the vernier ruler have scales. Take a vernier caliper with an accuracy of 0.1 mm as an example: The smallest division on the ruler is 1 mm, and there are 10 small equal scales on the vernier, with a total length of 9 mm, and each division is 0.9 mm. The smallest division difference on the main ruler is 0.1 mm. When the measuring claws are close together, the ruler body and the zero scale line of the vernier are aligned, their first scale line differs by 0.1 mm, the second scale line differs by 0.2 mm, ...... , the 10th scale line differs by 1 mm. That is, the 10th scale line of the vernier is exactly aligned with the 9mm scale line of the main ruler. L = integer part + fractional part - zero error.

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    Shane | 11/24/2020 1:40 AM
    Very good digital vernier caliper
    The digital vernier caliper is a measuring tool commonly used by our mechanics. The shell of the caliper is very sturdy, which can protect the precision instrument well. Easy to grasp and won't slip due to sweat on the palm. This has brought a lot of help to my work.