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    Waterproof LED Diving Flashlight

    Buy waterproof LED diving flashlight or torch with reasonable price, aluminum alloy & ABS material, waterproof silicone ring and magnetic switch. Powered by 4 AA dry batteries. The underwater flashlight is convenient for divers.
    SKU: T-DF-10
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    1. Waterproof LED diving flashlights or diving torches have high quality waterproof plastics and one-piece lamp, used in underwater environment with low resistance, high flexibility and excellent waterproof effect.
    2. The underwater flashlight adopts strong aluminum alloy lamp cap, which effectively prevents water.
    3. This best diving torch uses high-brightness LED wicks. Therefore, the irradiation distance is longer and the illumination brightness is stronger.
    4. The underwater diving flashlight has a waterproof silicone ring, which is more safety than others.
    5. A hole at the end of the diving flashlight is designed to wear ropes, which can help users prevent the dive torch from accidentally slipping off in the underwater environment.


    Model T-DF-10
    Bulb Type LED XPE
    Color Red/Blue/Black/Grey/Yellow/Neon Yellow
    Net Weight 85g
    Size 35*42*161mm
    Body Material Aluminum Alloy & ABS
    Beam Distance 50m
    Battery Type 4 AA Dry Batteries
    Power 1W
    Runtime 4 Hours
    Service Life 100000h


    Waterproof LED Diving Flashlight Details

    Tips: Waterproof LED Diving flashlight applications

    A waterproof LED diving flashlight plays an important role for divers and diving enthusiasts, which is used for different underwater activities. For example, in order to enjoy the scenery under the sea, a waterproof dive flashlight became a necessity when you are diving. A great many underwater operations, including fishing, development of diving projects and underwater salvaging are essential factors to promote the development of waterproof flashlight.
    Diving can be divided into fresh water diving (diving in inland rivers and lakes), salt water diving (diving in coastal and saltwater lakes), day diving, night diving, shallow diving (within 30 meters) and deep diving (30-100 meters). You could choose the best diving flashlight according to your underwater activities. Generally speaking, if you dive in an inland river or lake, you could purchase an economical diving light with medium lumens. If you dive in a coastal and saltwater lake or deep water, you could select a high lumens waterproof dive flashlight made from aluminum alloy material that doesn’t corrode easily. Buy a better diving flashlight online now.

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    Seamus | 9/16/2021 7:17 AM
    Nice led diving flashlight
    I love the bright yellow one. It feels light weight but durable and easy to hold. Quality product! Working great under water. I used yellow diving flashlight several times on my trip to the Hawaii. Performance is awesome for the price. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase and glad my friend recommended it.
    Jasmine | 8/31/2021 1:46 AM
    So bright! Absolutely loved it!
    This is a great diving flashlight. This flashlight was lasted for the entire day! Bright and easy to use and easily fit inside my flashlight holder! Glad I got it. It is definitely worth the money if you are looking for a small bright diving flashlight with excellent features.
    Keran | 7/26/2021 6:56 AM
    Incredibly bright diving flashlight
    This diving flashlight is bright and lasted my entire dive. I feel it’s powerful enough and incredibly strong, bright, also can work under water with ease. The beam cuts through the water better than any other light that I have owned. I highly recommend getting this product.
    Marisa | 7/19/2021 6:03 AM
    Great diving flashlight
    In fact, this diving flashlight’s battery life is good. It’s small but very bright, so it fits great in my dive bag. And it has waterproof silicone ring, I can have no worries when I diving. This is a great diving flashlight at a great price.
    Joyce | 7/14/2021 6:31 AM
    A perfect diving flashlight
    This is an absolutely perfect diving flashlight. I use mine every day underwater. And the size, output and battery life are great. LED technology has really improved the quality. Moreover, this flashlight is easy to maintain and use. In general, I would recommend this one, great quality and value compared to other flashlights.