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    Handheld Rechargeable LED Work Light

    Portable reasonable price handheld rechargeable LED work light with magnetic base, USB output interface, multi-angle rotation. COB 240 lumens, LED 30 lumens. This handheld rechargeable work light is your best choice.
    SKU: T-WL-H
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    The handheld rechargeable LED work light has magnetic base at the bottom, which can be adhered to iron products. The lamp holder can rotate 360°.With the function of charging, you can charge the mobile phone for emergency situation. It also has USB port for easy charging. 


    Model T-WL-H
    Bulb Type COB+LED
    Battery Type Built-in 18650
    Weight 230g
    Fold Size 80*45*145mm
    Open Size 65*45*260mm
    Material ABS
    Power 3W
    Lighting Modes Strong white light-weak white light-headlight-Long Press Strong Red Light-weak Red Light
    Lumens COB 240, LED 30
    Runtime 4-6 Hours


     LED Work Light Details

    Handheld Rechargeable Work-light Details

    Tips: What is an LED Light?

    Most flashlights or headlamps, handheld work light are composed of many LED lights that makes our daily life more convenient. LED, light emitting diode, is a solid state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light. There is a semiconductor chip in the middle of an LED, one end of the chip is attached to a bracket. One end of the chip is connected to the negative pole, and the other end is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, so that the entire chip is encapsulated with epoxy resin. The semiconductor chip is composed of two parts, one part is P-type semiconductor in which is dominant. Another part is N-type semiconductor which is mainly electrons. However, when these two semiconductors are connected, a P-N junction is formed between them. When the current acts on the chip through the wires, the electrons will be pushed to the P area, where the electrons and holes recombine, and then they emit energy in the form of photons, that is the principle of an LED light. The wavelength of light is determined by materials of forming the P-N junction as well.

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    Shaun | 9/16/2021 8:05 AM
    Just what I was looking for
    I purchased some work handheld lights several months ago, and I use them all the time. I love the fact they are USB rechargeable. I liked these led work lights so much. They work as advertised. I’m very pleased with these flashlights.
    Rickster | 7/19/2021 6:16 AM
    Best led work light I’ve owned
    I use this handheld rechargeable led flashlight when I work on things at the mechanic shop. This LED light is fantastic! It rotates 180° up or down, which allows me to see a wide area in an instant. The LED is very bright and it illuminates everything around it with a concentrated light. I’m very happy with this product.
    Laryssa | 7/14/2021 7:18 AM
    Unbelievably good value
    My wife and I each have a handheld rechargeable led work light, we use indoors for close up work like computer repair and sewing. The highest brightness setting is definitely super bright and will light up an entire room. I highly recommend getting this one.