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    Flat/Point Chisel, 10 inch/12 inch/14 inch

    Buy flat chisel or point chisel with low price, size in 10 inch/12 inch/ 14 inch available, made from high quality carbon steel, hexagonal rod. The best flat chisel and point chisel are used for chiseling metals, stone carving and masonry.
    SKU: T-FPC-120
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    Favorable price flat chisel and point chisel for sale, size in 10 inch/12 inch/ 14 inch. They are made from high carbon steel, durable and hard. After surface polishing, our chisels are non-slip and wear-resistant. A chisel is an ideal tool for smoothing the mental surface, ice sculpturing, stone carving, cleaning the ground cement and so on.


    Model T-FC-25 T-FC-30 T-FC-35 T-PC-25 T-PC-30 T-PC-35
    Type Flat Chisel Flat Chisel Flat Chisel Point Chisel Point Chisel Point Chisel
    Material High Carbon Steel High Carbon Steel High Carbon Steel High Carbon Steel High Carbon Steel High Carbon Steel
    Size 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch
    Width 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mmmm
    Length 255mm 305mm 355mm 270mm 325mm 375mm
    Weight 610g 740g 855g 615g 745g 860g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Flat and Point Chisel Size

    Tips: What is a Flat/Point Chisel Used For?

    Chisels are steel hand tools used for carving stones, wood, metals and other materials. According to usage, the chisel can be divided into corner chisel, wood chisel, point chisel, large flat chisel, small flat chisel, round mortise chisel, long chisel and so on. A large flat chisel is usually used for making a large mounting hole in a brick or a wooden building, and a small flat chisel is used for chiseling small mounting hole. A round mortise chisel applies to concrete buildings and a long chisel is used for thick walls.
    Generally, people use a chisel with a ball peen hammer or a claw hammer to finish woodworking. When using a chisel to make holes, generally hold the chisel handle in the left hand and the hammer in the right hand, keep a certain tilt angle but not right angle between the chisel and materials that will be chiseled. The chisel should be moved side to side in order to avoid the wood clamping the chisel. In addition, chips should be picked out the hole.

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    Jevgenijs | 12/8/2020 2:10 AM
    Useful plane/point chisel
    It’s snowing, we can finally make ice sculptures. Ice sculptures are inseparable from this flat/pointed chisel. They are made of high-carbon steel and are strong and durable. Because of it, our ice sculptures are very beautiful, except for ice sculptures. It can also be an ideal tool for stone carving and cleaning ground cement.