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    Spring Loaded Corner Chisel

    Low price spring loaded corner chisel for sale, square chisel with spring aluminum corner clamp, used to wood working hinges and door lock grooves. Sharp blade, high hardness, practical and durable with long service life.
    SKU: T-CC-SL
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    A spring loaded corner chisel is used to change round angle to square angle when install a hinge or a handle. It easily and accurately carve the rounded incisions inside the woods. Our best corner chisels have high precision that alignment automatically. The size of a corner chisel is 100mm*100mm*50mm, convenient to carry out.


    Model T-CC-GD T-CC-SV
    Color Golden Silver
    Size 100mm*100mm*50mm 100mm*100mm*60mm
    Main Material Alloy Aluminum Carbon steel
    Handle Material Alloy Aluminum + Iron Aluminum + Iron
    Weight 148g 150g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Spring Loaded Corner Chisel Dimensions

    Tips: What is a Spring Loaded Corner Chisel?

    A spring loaded corner chisel has a little blade bend at an angle of 90° that can create an ideal corner or change round angles to square angles in the wood without any measure tools. The corner chisel is mainly used for chiseling mortises accurately. The blade of a corner chisel is an important part to cut woods, which determines its suitable applications. The longer the blade, the deeper the mortises, yet the shorter blade is a chance that helps with finer work. Another essential aspect of a corner chisel is hardness because you need to change or create the angle of a wood. A corner chisel is usually used with a hammer straight on a wood, therefore, you need a tough corner chisel to accept the hammer striking. In addition, due to the blade of a corner chisel is inconvenient polishing, the steel for the blade must be sharpened or not easy to get blunt. An ergonomic handle is necessary for woodworking, which reduces the fatigue of workers.

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    Alpesh | 9/21/2020 2:41 AM
    The best spring loaded corner chisel
    I am a woodworker. I just received the spring chisel and I tried it out and it worked well. It is made of aluminum alloy and iron. It should last a long time. Not only can it be used for wood processing, but you can also use it to trim hinge slots, door hangers, frames and cabinets. As long as you place a spring-loaded chisel in any notch or corner, hit it with a hammer and remove all chips, you can keep the corner clean.