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    2.5 HP Floor Polisher Machine, 140/290 rpm, 17 in

    Floor polisher machine for sale. High power 2.5 hp, 17 inch base diameter. 2-speed 140 rpm and 290 rpm are adjustable. Suitable for marble, wood, stone, ceramic floor polishing, grinding and waxing. Home/industrial/commercial triple use. Best quality and reasonable price.
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    The floor polisher machine is a portable electric buffing machine for ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, cement floors, cured floors, epoxy floors, etc. In addition to floor polishing, it also has the functions of crystal surface burnishing, ground grinding, floor cleaning and carpet cleaning. 17-inch base, wide contact area, improve efficiency.


    Model T-GS-17D
    Base Diameter 17 inch
    Power 2.5 hp
    Voltage 220V/50Hz
    Rotation Speed 140 rpm/290 rpm adjustable
    Cable Length 13m
    Color random
    Weight 52kg
    Standard Configuration pad drive*1, water tank*1, aluminum plate*1, heavy iron*2

    Floor Polisher Machine Structure Diagram

    Structure diagram of 17 inch, 2.5 hp floor polisher machine

    Polishing Disc Installation for Floor Polisher Machine

    Polishing Disc Installation for Floor Polisher Machine

    1. Align the hole of polishing disc with the clamping slot of bottom plate.
    2. Rotate counterclockwise to install.
    3. Installation is complete. (Needle disc needs to used with scouring pad.)

    Tips: Precautions for floor polisher machine operation.

    1. Keep the base of floor polisher machine parallel to the ground. Loosen the lever adjuster, and adjust the lever to about 35°, approximately at the thigh position.
    2. Half squat, hold the handle of the operating rod as a support point.
    3. Press and hold the safety switch of the floor polisher machine with your left index finger, and simultaneously pull the power switch with your right hand to start the floor polisher machine. (The safety switch can be released when the floor polisher machine starts to rotate)
    4. Loosen the power switch to turn off the floor polisher machine.
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    Mizz | 8/9/2021 2:26 AM
    Fantastic floor polisher machine
    I used this 2.5 HP floor polisher machine to polish my floor to make it look more shiny. I really love this polisher. It did a good job. After I used this machine, my whole house seemed to have a new granite floor. It was just what I needed.