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    2.5 HP Floor Polisher Machine, 175 rpm, 17 in

    Affordable price floor polisher machine for sale. 2.5 hp high power, 175rpm high rotation speed, 17 inch large base diameter. Home/industrial/commercial triple use. For marble, wood, stone, ceramic floor in polishing, grinding and waxing.
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    Multifunctional floor polisher machine, for ground polishing, crystal surface burnishing, ground grinding, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning and so on. Suitable floors includes ceramic tiles, marble, terrazzo, cement floors, cured floors, epoxy floors, etc. The electric floor buffing machine has 17-inch base, wide contact surface, stable body, safe and against collision.


    Model T-FPM-P17E
    Base Diameter 17 inch
    Power 2.5 hp
    Voltage 220V
    Rotation Speed 175rpm
    Cable Length 13m
    Color random
    Weight 52kg
    Standard Configuration needle seat*1, water tank*1, aluminum plate*1
    Optional Configuration counterweight iron (20kg/pc)

    Floor Polisher Machine Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 2.5HP Floor Polisher Machine, 175rpm, 17 in

    Floor Polisher Machine Standard Configuration

    Standard Configuration of 2.5 HP Floor Polisher Machine, 175rpm, 17 in

    Polishing Disc Installation for Floor Polisher Machine

    Polishing Disc Installation of Floor Polisher Machine

    1. Turn the polishing disc base upside down.
    2. Align the hole position of needle seat with the clamping slot of bottom plate, and then rotate it counterclockwise. (When disassembling, rotate it clockwise)
    3. Installation is complete.

    Water Tank Installation for Floor Polisher Machine

    Water Tank Installation for Floor Polisher Machine, Step 1 Water Tank Installation for Floor Polisher Machine, Step 2
    Place the water tank on operating rod.
    Insert the U-shaped buckle.
    Put on a protective pad.
    Use a wrench to tighten screw of U-shaped buckle
    and fix it on the operating rod.
    Water Tank Installation for Floor Polisher Machine, Step 3 Water Tank Installation for Floor Polisher Machine, Step 4
    Operation for the bottom is the same as the top. Connect the water pipe as shown.

    Tips: The necessity of using floor polisher machine.

    Marble floor is like human skin, with many tiny pores distributed on the surface. If you do not use the floor polisher machine for long-term care and maintenance, it will become dull. There are various water stains on the surface of stone floor, which are prone to scratches, which will make the floor lose its original luster and greatly reduce the overall quality of life. If the wooden floor is not polished and waxed with a floor polisher machine for a long time, it will easily change the color of the floor and lose its luster. If the carpet is not cleaned for a long time, all kinds of dust and stains will be deposited.

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    Brendan | 1/19/2021 8:12 AM
    Do ground maintenance at any time
    We are employees of a 4S shop. Customers come to buy a car. When the ground is bright or not, it will directly affect our business. Therefore, the ground is the face of our shop. In order to make our shop's business better, I use purchased this machine, and it can be used for ground maintenance at any time, and it can be maintained for one month at a time. Usually, it only needs to drag the ground.