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    Self Watering Garden Bed, 15x15x8 Inch

    Cheap raised garden bed for sale, self watering design allows plants to absorb water automatically, good drainage effect, prevent root rot and ensure healthy growth of plants. Length and width of 15 inch, 8 inch high.
    SKU: T-GB-181
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    15"x15"x8" Self watering garden bed is used for planting flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees. It can be placed on the balcony or living room. The load-bearing capacity is reliable.


    Model T-GB-181
    Size 15"(L)x15"(W)x8"(H)
    Material PP
    Application Balcony, patio, garden, outdoor and indoor

    Garden bed for flowers

    Tips: Why do plants need to be repotted?

    The operation of transplanting potted flower plants to another pot for planting is called changing pots. There are two different situations for changing pots. One is that with the growth of seedlings, the root system is already very developed and the roots are already covered with flowers. Pots, there is no room for growth in the original potting soil, so our potted plants will be restricted by growth. We should switch from small pots to large pots in time to expand the area of roots, which will help the seedlings continue to grow vigorously. Grow.

    Another situation is that the fully grown potted flowers do not need to be replaced with larger pots, but because they have been grown for too many years, the physical properties of the pot soil become unfavorable for plant growth and soil compaction due to long-term watering. Cracking, poor air permeability, and nutrient can not be transported to the roots in time, even top dressing is of no avail.

    The purpose of changing the pot is only to be able to correct the root system and replace the new cultivation soil. It does not matter if the size and volume of the pot do not change.

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    Smiel | 9/23/2021 9:08 AM
    Performance of self watering garden bed
    Can this 15×15×8-inch self watering garden bed be watered regularly?
    A manager responded to this review
    It can't set timed watering.