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    Raised Garden Bed, 31x15x32 Inch

    Raised garden bed can DIY assemble different heights, grow a variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits. The self watering elevated garden bed provides sufficient water for plants to prevent excessive irrigation. 31 inch long, 15 inch wide, 32 inch high, comfortable height, no need to bend down, take care of plants easily.
    SKU: T-GB-121
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    Cheap raised garden bed for sale, you can choose different sizes, 15" x 15" x 32", 31" x 15" x 32", 47" x 15" x 32", 62" x 15" x 32" and 78" x 15" x 32" plastic raised garden beds are available.


    Model T-GB-121
    Size 15"(L)x15"(W)x32"(H), 31"(L)x15"(W)x32"(H), 47"(L)x15"(W)x32"(H), 62"(L)x15"(W)x32"(H), 78"(L)x15"(W)x32"(H),
    Material PP
    Application Balcony, patio, garden, outdoor and indoor

    15 Inch x 15 Inch x 32 Inch

    Self watering raised bed

    31 Inch x 15 Inch x 32 Inch
    Vegetable garden beds
    47 Inch x 15 Inch x 32 Inch

    Raised beds for sale

    62 Inch x 15 Inch x 32 Inch
    Cheap raised garden bed

    78 Inch x 15 Inch x 32 Inch
    78 Inch raised garden bed

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    Manali | 11/17/2020 1:55 AM
    Ideal for urban gardening
    I live on the middle floor of the apartment, but I want to see the garden when I sleep together every day. I bought this elevated garden bed, and soon my bedroom will be a small garden. It can not only grow flowers, but also grow vegetables. So I bought another elevated garden bed, specially used to grow vegetables, so that I can eat fresh vegetables every day.