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    Self Watering Garden Bed, 31x15x8 Inch

    Raised garden bed can be used for planting flowers, vegetables and fruits. 31 inch x 15 inch x 8 inch garden bed is easy to install and use, and can also be used by beginners in gardening. The garden bed has a self-watering function and is suitable for planting in gardens, balconies, and backyards.
    SKU: T-GB-182
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    Self watering garden bed can freely build and assemble, light weight, easy to move your favorite corner, 31 inch long, 15 inch wide and 8 inch high.


    Model T-GB-182
    Size 31"(L)x15"(W)x8"(H)
    Material PP
    Application Balcony, patio, garden, outdoor and indoor

    Garden bed for flowers
    Tips: How to choose soil?

    Potted flowers have stricter soil requirements than open-field flowers because their roots can only move within a small soil area. On the one hand, the nutrient needs to be as comprehensive as possible, and the limited pot soil contains the nutrients needed for the growth of flowers; on the other hand, it requires good physical and chemical properties, that is, the structure should be loose, the water holding capacity should be strong, the pH should be moderate, and the fertility retention should be good.

    It is for this reason that when growing flowers, you should try to choose a neutral or slightly acidic soil that has a good aggregate structure, which is loose and fertile, has good water retention and drainage performance, and is rich in humus. This kind of soil has light weight, large pores, air circulation and rich nutrition, which is beneficial to the development of flower root system and the healthy growth of plants. If flowers are planted in clay soils with poor air permeability, pure sandy soils lacking nutrients, poor water and fertilizer retention, or alkaline soils, most flowers will easily cause growth failure, even death.

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