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    Self Watering Garden Bed, 78x15x8 Inch

    Self Watering garden bed with low price, size 78 inch x 15 inch x 8 inch, it can plant and display different types of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Garden bed is ideal for decorating gardens, balconies, courtyards, simple installation and disassembly.
    SKU: T-GB-184
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    The plastic garden bed has a self-watering device, which allows plants to absorb moisture and will not rot the roots. 78 inch x 15 inch x 8 inch garden bed can grow a variety of plants, suitable for use in gardens, gardens, balconies and outdoors.


    Model T-GB-184
    Size 78"(L)x15"(W)x8"(H)
    Material PP
    Application Balcony, patio, garden, outdoor and indoor

    Tips: How to DIY a garden bed?

    DIY garden bed

    If you have an idle yard and want to build a garden, and you feel that you cannot plan or start, you want to transform into a vegetable garden, but you feel unsightly, you can consider a planting bed, which can make your garden and vegetable plot a perfect combination, viewing and It's practical.

    First, choose an unused venue. According to the size of the site, determine the shape and number of planting beds. The owner of this garden wants to make a U-shaped planting pond with a sense of design and easy operation.

    There is no limit to what kind of material the garden bed uses. Wood, sleepers, stone, plastic, and bricks can all be used as the frame of the planting pond. Generally, using wood is the simplest and most effective method.

    It is very important to plan well, determine the size of the planting space and garden bed, and calculate the length and height required for the side cut wood.

    According to the established size, 10 large boards and 6 small boards were cut with an electric saw.

    Start assembly. Put wooden stakes on the four corners to fix the structure. Add the long side panels, and use nails or screws to fix the tail of the side panels and the piles together. Basically, only a box with an open top and an open bottom is used to form the planting bed.

    A large U-shaped planting bed is set up. From the side, the groove is just a path, which is very convenient for the vegetable garden. Putting some garden weed mats on the planting bed can greatly reduce the growth of weeds.

    Fill the planting soil with the planting bed, add some decomposed organic fertilizer at the bottom of the bed, and put nutrient-rich compost potting soil on the top.
    Plant seedlings and leave a suitable distance according to the space where the vegetables grow.

    After more than a month, the vegetables can grow up and grow vigorously. From the kitchen to the vegetable garden, the distance is very close, you can pick it and eat it, fresh and delicious.

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