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    Heavy Duty Rivet Gun, 13 inch/16 inch

    Reasonable price heavy duty hand rivet gun for sale, selectable 13 inch/16 inch, suitable for aluminum rivets, 3.2mm/4.0mm/4.8mm. A high quality industrial riveter is made from reinforced alloy steel material with plastic handle, high hardness and durable.
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    Best low price heavy duty hand rivet gun for sale, you can choose 12 inch or 16 inch. Our industrial hand riveters are suitable for aluminum rivets of which sizes are 3.2mm, 4.0mm and 4.8mm, spiting smooth. Plastic rubber handles that are comfortable to hold and suitable for long time working. A 16 inch rivet gun comes with a compression spring, which is convenient and labor saving. 


    Model T-RG-13 T-RG-16
    Size 13 inch 16 inch
    Total Length 320mm 410mm
    Nozzle Length 35mm 38mm
    Nozzle Width 10mm 22mm
    Handle Length 135mm 120mm
    Handle Width 137mm 120mm
    Rivet Size 3.2mm/4.0mm/4.8mm 3.2mm/4.0mm/4.8mm
    Rivet Material Aluminum Aluminum
    Weight 747g 1000g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Rivet Gun Dimensions

    Tips: What is a Heavy Duty Rivet Gun?

    A heavy duty rivet gun is a fastening tool that applies to fasten various mental sheets, pipe materials and other manufacturing industrial products. It is used in various fields riveting, such as cars, aircrafts, railway, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decorations and other mechanical and electrical and light industrial products. The rivet gun appears in order to solve the welding nuts and tapping internal thread of metal sheets and thin pipes fusible. It rivets products effectively, fast and convenient.
    There is the method to use a rivet gun. First, you need to confirm whether the rivets are suitable for the rivet gun. Make sure the rivet gun can use normally, and then open the rivet gun totally. Second, insert the rivet rod, close to the rivet cap. Third, insert the rivet body into the rivet hole to make the rivet plate fit tightly. Observe carefully to make sure there is no gap. Forth, pulling on the handle with your hands. Finally, repeat the above actions for many times until the top rod is broken and then finish riveting.
    It’s worth paying attention that the nozzle, the rivet and the riveting piece should be tight, the nozzle and the riveting piece should be vertical to reach an ideal riveting effect. There is a suggestion that regularly drops 1-2 drops of oil on the pin shaft to extend the service life of the rivet gun.

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    Sandra | 9/15/2020 8:14 AM
    Instructions for use of heavy duty rivet gun
    How to use this heavy duty rivet gun?
    A manager responded to this review
    1. Fully open the handle of the riveter and insert the thin end of the rivet into the guide nozzle of the riveter.
    2. Regardless of single-handle or double-handle rivet gun, hold the handle of the rivet gun with both hands and insert the rivet into the hole to be riveted.
    3. Press the two handles with both hands against the rivet, one or more times, until the rivet core is broken.