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    Φ 20/30/40mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 4/7/10 Ton

    Cheap hydraulic cable cutter for sale. Cutting steel wire rope, ACSR cable, copper wire and armored cable. Optional maximum cutting range Φ 20mm/30mm/40mm, corresponding output force 4 ton/10 ton/7 ton. Small cable cutting tool with low price.
    SKU: T-HCBC-204
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    The hydraulic cable cutter is a handheld hydraulic tool to snips various of cables, includes steel wire rope, aluminum conductors steel-reinforced cable (ACSR), copper core cable, armored cable, etc.


    Model T-CPC-20A T-CO-30 T-CPC-40A
    Output 4 Ton 10 Ton 7 Ton
    Maximum Cutting Diameter 20mm 30mm 40mm
    Overall Length 420mm 600mm 580mm
    Weight 3.05 kg 5.1 kg 5.2 kg

    Applicable Materials and Cutting Range

    Model Copper Aluminum Cable
    copper aluminum cable
    Armored Cable
    armored cable
    ACSR Cable
    ACSR cable
    Steel Wire Rope
    Steel Wire Rope
    Submarine Cable
    submarine cable
    Iron Chain
    iron chain
    T-CPC-20A ≤ Φ20mm × ≤ Φ20mm ≤ Φ20mm × × ×
    T-CO-30 ≤ Φ30mm × ≤ Φ25mm ≤ Φ25mm × × ×
    T-CPC-40A ≤ Φ40mm ≤ Φ40mm × × × × ×

    Note: × is the not applicable material.

    Hydraulic Cable Cutter Structure Diagram

    Structure of Φ 20/30/40mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 4/7/10 Ton


    • Hydraulic cable cutter adopts guillotine type scissors, which are less likely to be jammed than ordinary scissors.
    • No need to set the cutting time.
    • Suitable for various blades and easy to replace.
    • The hydraulic cable cutter has a 180° rotating head, which is suitable for different cutting positions.


    1. It is prohibited to use this hydraulic cable cutter to cut PC cables and piano cables.
    2. Always cut cables within the maximum range of cutting capacity.
    3. Do not use hydraulic pumps that exceed the maximum load of tool handle.

    Tips: Structure characteristics of hydraulic cable cutter.

    Hydraulic cable cutter has a clamp. There are card groove, chain ring groove, movable blade guide groove and static blade guide groove on the clamp. There is a hydraulic cylinder with flange in slot, and a plunger is in hydraulic cylinder. The left end of movable blade is connected with the right end of plunger through the return disk, and then hydraulic cylinder is clamped into the groove of the fixture through flange. The movable blade is in the movable blade guide groove of the fixture, and the static blade is in the static blade guide groove of the fixture.

    When using hydraulic cable cutter, put cable to be cut into cutter edge first, and then inject high-pressure liquid into cylinder. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, plunger pushes the movable blade to move and cooperates with the static blade, to form a cutting force to cut cable.

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    Franee | 10/21/2020 7:11 AM
    The hydraulic cable cutter works well
    I am a cable installation worker. I bought this hydraulic cable cutter for cable bridge rail installation. It can easily cut cables and insert the cable system easily, which saves a lot of effort for my work. So far, it has been used very well.