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    Φ 40mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 7 Ton

    Affordable price hydraulic cable cutter for sale. Optional maximum cutting capacity steel wire rope 25mm/30mm, ACSR cable 20mm/50mm, copper cable 40mm/50mm. Output force 7 ton. With safe device, small size, portable use.
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    The hydraulic cable cutter can snips steel wire rope, aluminum conductors steel-reinforced cable, copper cable and ordinary cable and wire. It is a handheld hydraulic cable cutting tool.


    Model T-HT-40A T-HT-50A
    Output 7 Ton 7 Ton
    Maximum Cutting Diameter 40mm 50mm
    Overall Length 650mm 620mm
    Weight 6 kg 6.2 kg

    Applicable Materials and Cutting Range

    Model Copper Aluminum Cable
    copper aluminum cable
    Armored Cable
    armored cable
    ACSR Cable
    ACSR cable
    Steel Wire Rope
    Steel Wire Rope
    Submarine Cable
    submarine cable
    Iron Chain
    iron chain
    T-HT-40A ≤ Φ40mm × ≤ Φ20mm ≤ Φ25mm × × ×
    T-HT-50A ≤ Φ50mm × ≤ Φ50mm ≤ Φ30mm × × ×

    Note: × is the not applicable material.

    Hydraulic Cable Cutter Structure Diagram

    Structure of Φ 40 mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 7 Ton


    • The hydraulic cable cutter is made of aluminum alloy, with a built-in safety valve, a one-key oil return button and a double-speed oil pump core.
    • High-carbon tungsten alloy steel blade, heat-treated at HRC-65℃, high strength.
    • 2-stage of high-speed and low-pressure, improve cutting efficiency, save time and effort.


    1. It is prohibited to use this hydraulic cable cutter to cut PC cables and piano cables.
    2. Always cut cables within the maximum range of cutting capacity.
    3. Do not use hydraulic pumps that exceed the maximum load of tool handle.

    Tips: Hydraulic cable cutter maintenance.

    1. The hydraulic cable cutter has a tight structure and needs to be kept by someone. Do not knock and bump, and do not disassemble arbitrarily.
    2. Hydraulic cable cutter can only cut the materials specified in product manual.
    3. After using for a period of time, if it needs to add oil, turn the fixed handle to remove it. Pull out the rear plug of oil storage bag, add #20 mechanical oil (it needs to filter with a 200-mesh filter). After the oil is full and overflowing, release the oil return switch, tap a few times to exhaust the air from oil bag. Then plug the oil plug tightly and tighten the fixed handle.
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    Mathew | 12/18/2020 8:27 AM
    Rugged hydraulic cable cutter
    The hydraulic cable cutter I bought is very strong. It is made of aluminum alloy. No matter how strong the cable is, it will not deform. I use it to cut steel wire ropes, aluminum core steel wire reinforced cables, copper cables and ordinary cables. I really like this hydraulic cable cutter.