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    Φ 50mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 8 Ton

    Best hydraulic cable cutter for sale. Optional maximum cutting size steel wire rope 20mm/30mm, ACSR cable 40mm/50mm, copper cable 20mm/50mm, armored cable 40mm/50mm. Output force 7 ton/8 ton. Built-in safe device, high efficiency and competitive price.
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    The hydraulic cable cutter is a small hand tool powered by hydraulic, used for cutting ordinary cable wire, steel wire rope, aluminum conductors steel-reinforced cable (ACSR), copper cable, armored cable, etc.


    Model T-CPC-50FR T-CPC-40FR
    Output 8 Ton 7 Ton
    Maximum Cutting Diameter 50mm 40mm
    Overall Length 660mm 650mm
    Weight 6 kg 6 kg

    Applicable Materials and Cutting Range

    Model Copper Aluminum Cable
    copper aluminum cable
    Armored Cable
    armored cable
    ACSR Cable
    ACSR cable
    Steel Wire Rope
    Steel Wire Rope
    Submarine Cable
    submarine cable
    Iron Chain
    iron chain
    T-CPC-50FR ≤ Φ50mm ≤ Φ50mm ≤ Φ50mm ≤ Φ30mm × × ×
    T-CPC-40FR ≤ Φ20mm ≤ Φ40mm ≤ Φ40mm ≤ Φ20mm × × ×

    Note: × is the not applicable material.

    Hydraulic Cable Cutter Structure Diagram

    Structure of Φ 50mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter, 8 Ton


    • The hydraulic cable cutter has a high-strength cutter head. Blade is made of high-quality special steel and has a long life.
    • Cutter edge can be opened to facilitate the removal/insertion of cables and blade replacement.
    • The hydraulic cable cutting tool has a built-in safety valve, semi-automatic and rapid pressure relief, quick reset.


    1. It is prohibited to use this hydraulic cable cutter to cut PC cables and piano cables.
    2. Always cut cables within the maximum range of cutting capacity.
    3. Do not use hydraulic pumps that exceed the maximum load of tool handle.
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    Cian | 12/22/2020 2:06 AM
    Matters needing attention when using hydraulic pressure.
    Hello, I am using hydraulic cable cutter for the first time. I don’t know what to pay attention to when using it. Can you tell me?
    A manager responded to this review
    Hello, I am very glad to answer your question. In fact, the things that need to be paid attention to are very simple, just pay attention to the following three points.
    1. It is prohibited to use this hydraulic cable to cut the PC cable and piano cable.
    2. Keep cutting the cable within the maximum cutting range.
    2. Do not use a hydraulic pump that exceeds the maximum load of the tool handle.
    As long as the above three points are achieved, the hydraulic pump can be used for a longer time.