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    Hydraulic Gear Puller, 5/10/20 Ton

    Low price hydraulic puller for sale, pulling and removing gear and bearing. Optional output force 5/10/20 ton, pull distance lateral 200/250/350mm, longitudinal 140/160/200mm, thread diameter 45.6/60/73mm, stroke 50mm. Split-type 3-jaw hydraulic puller, used with hydraulic pump.
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    The hydraulic puller is a removal tool for gear and bearing, 3-jaw and 2-jaw can be used interchangeably. It relies on a hydraulic hand pump or electric pump for output force.


    Model T-FYD-5 T-FYD-10 T-FYD-20
    Output Force 5 Ton 10 Ton 20 Ton
    Max. Lateral Pull Distance 200mm 250mm 350mm
    Max. Longitudinal Pull Distance 140mm 160mm 200mm
    Stroke 50mm 50mm 50mm
    Thread Diameter 45.6mm 60mm 73mm
    Weight 4.5 kg 7.5 kg 13.5 kg
    Recommended Pumps Hydraulic Hand Pump T-CP-180 (850 psi)
    Hydraulic Electric Pump T-HHB-700A (10,000 psi, 750W)
    Hydraulic Hand Pump T-CP-700 (10,000 psi)
    Hydraulic Electric Pump T-HHB-700A (10,000 psi, 750W)

    Hydraulic Gear Puller Structure Diagram

    Structure of Hydraulic Gear Puller, 5/10/20 Ton

    Hydraulic Bearing Puller Use

    Longitudinal Use Lateral Use
    Longitudinal Use Display of Hydraulic Bearing Puller Lateral Use Display of Hydraulic Bearing Puller

    Hydraulic Gear Puller Jaws Installation Diagram

    3-Jaw Installation 2-Jaw Installation
    3-Jaw Installation of Hydraulic Bearing Puller 2-Jaw Installation of Hydraulic Bearing Puller

    Hydraulic Gear Puller Configurations

    Configurations of Hydraulic Gear Puller, 5/10/20 Ton

    ① pump body*1 ② Rama circle*1 ③ jaw*3 ④ pull sheet*6 ⑤ screw*4 ⑥ thimble*1

    Tips: Precautions for using hydraulic gear puller.

    • To prevent the hydraulic gear puller from being damaged by overloading, an automatic overload unloading valve is installed in the hydraulic device. When the pulled gear or bearing exceeds the rated load, the overload valve will automatically unload. At this time, a larger tonnage hydraulic puller should be used.
    • Hydraulic gear puller uses oil as the medium, and maintenance of oil and tools must be done to avoid clogging or oil leakage, otherwise it will affect the use effect.
    • For a new or long-placed hydraulic gear puller, because there is more air in cylinder, piston rod may suddenly jump slightly when starting use. Reciprocate the hydraulic gear puller 2-3 times without load to remove the air in cylinder.
    • If the hydraulic gear puller is idle for a long time, seals will harden due to long-term non-working, which will affect the tool service life. Therefore, when the hydraulic puller is not used, it should be reciprocated 2-3 times a month without load.
    Existing reviews
    Ivan 12/3/2020 8:55 AM
    Great hydraulic puller
    This hydraulic puller has fully achieved my intended purpose. It can easily pull and disassemble gears and bearings, saving me a lot of working time. And the hydraulic puller service is very good for customers, I like this hydraulic puller very much.
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