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    M27~M48 Hydraulic Nut Splitter, 35~90 Ton

    Best hydraulic nut splitter for sale. Optional nut splitting range M27-M33 (41-50mm)/ M33-M39 (50-60mm)/ M39-M48 (60-75mm), high output force 35/50/90 ton respectively. Cutter head only, must used with a pump.
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    The hydraulic nut splitter is the head part of a nut splitter tool, which is driven by a hydraulic pump (manual or electric). Meet the needs of nut breaking and cutting of various specifications.


    Model T-NC-4150 T-NC-5060 T-NC-6075
    Output Force 35 Ton 50 Ton 90 Ton
    Nut Range Nut Specification M27-M33 M33-M39 M39-M48
    Opposite Side Length 41-50mm 50-60mm 60-75mm
    Weight 8.2 kg 11.8 kg 34.1 kg
    Recommended Pump Hydraulic Hand Pump: T-CP-700 (10,000 psi, 900 cc Oil Reservoir)
    Hydraulic Electric Pump: T-HHB-700A (10,000 psi, 750W), T-QQ-700 (10,000 psi, 1.2kW)


    • The hydraulic nut splitter is an ideal breaker for rusty nuts, compact structure, portable and easy to operate.
    • Split hydraulic design, equipped with ZG3/8” quick connector and dust cap, which is convenient for connecting various hydraulic pumps.
    • The spring automatically resets. Nut splitter tool also available in explosion-proof environment.

     Hydraulic Nut Splitter Instructions

    1. Open the oil plug of hydraulic hand pump, fill with 20# oil or hydraulic oil, and close the unloading valve.
    2. Sleeve the hole of hydraulic nut splitter head into nut and place it level.
    3. Press the hydraulic hand pump to push the splitting cutter out and advance to the nut. When splitting cutter is pushed into one half of the nut, hand pump must be pressed carefully to avoid excessive force, which may cause the splitting cutter to speed too fast and damage bolt threads
    4. When hearing a cracking sound, it means that the nut has been broken, and stop pressing hand pump at this time.
    5. Unscrew the unloading valve, reset the splitter, remove the hydraulic nut splitter, and the work is over.

    Use NC Series Hydraulic Nut Splitter with a Hydraulic Hand Pump

    Nut Splitting Operation Steps

    1. First, split the first side. Align the cutter head at the middle of nut to split it. (As shown in Figure 1)
    2. Split the opposite side. Adjust direction, align the cutter head at the middle of nut, to cut the other side. Both sides need to be symmetrical. (As shown in picture 2)

    Operation Steps of Hydraulic Nut Splitter

    Tips: Hydraulic nut splitter safe operations.

    Please follow the safety tips to avoid damage to the cutter head, housing, plunger and seals of hydraulic nut splitter.

    1. When operating hydraulic nut splitter, please wear correct overalls, gloves, safety glasses, etc. During the nut splitter working, do not put your fingers on or near the cutting blade to avoid being cut.
    2. Do not use hydraulic nut splitter to cut chains or bolts.
    3. Do not use hydraulic nut splitter to rotate the nut.
    4. Do not move the hydraulic nut splitter during the splitting process.
    5. Do not heat the nut when nut splitter is in place.
    6. Pay attention to avoid the tool overheating or contact with open flames, moving machine parts, sharp edges and corrosive chemicals, etc., to protect nut splitter components from external damage.
    7. Do not use hydraulic nut splitter on glass, plastic, wood and other easily broken materials.
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    Kristoffer | 12/2/2020 1:33 AM
    Safe hydraulic nut separator
    Today, when I was using the hydraulic nut driver, a cracking sound suddenly occurred. When I bought this product, the customer service once told me that when the nut of the hydraulic nut separator is damaged, there will be a cracking sound. At this time, you should stop pressing the hand pump. In order to guarantee my personal safety.