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    Level Head Rake for Paving Tiling, Stainless Steel

    The stainless steel level head rake tile tool has a competitive price, welded by high-quality steel nails and steel bars, with gold plating, not easy to rust and is durable. Extended and comfortable handle are ergonomic, suitable for long-term operation.
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    Wholesale level head rake tile construction tool with favorable price is designed for tile marble floor decoration, works with rotating butterfly nut to adjust depth, suitable for the ash layer of different thickness.


    Model T-LHR-SS
    Material Stainless steel
    Weight 550g
    Application Mortar trowel for paving tiling, marble floor decoration, smooth mortar


    Level head rake stainless steel sizeStainless steel level head rake tile tool packing size

    Tips: Advantages of level head rake for paving tiling

    Level head rakes are very popular in construction projects. The traditional method of laying tiles requires frequent lifting of the tiles and repeated leveling. The operation is very cumbersome, the efficiency is low, and the effect is not good. These problems can be solved by using the level head rake for paving tiling. Its working principle is to use a brick as a benchmark to complete the bottom ash leveling and mortar brick addition at one time.

    Simply spread the sand and make the surface parallel to the ground, wrap the tile with mud, the put the tiles on the ground and beat out. The level head rake is a good helper for tile leveling. It simplifies the process, greatly improves work efficiency, and can increase the tile laying speed by 30%. As an auxiliary tool when laying ceramic tiles, the level head rake is cost-effective. It can effectively make the artificially pasted floor tiles look more neat and beautiful, is very suitable for purchase.


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