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    Magnetic Drill Press, 35mm Annular Cutter, 1500W, 10000N

    Best mag drill press is a high performance and reliable drilling machines at an affordable price. It features 35mm diameter of max annular cuttrer, max twist bit to 16mm, 1000N magnetic adhesion, 900 RPM no-load speed, equipped with powerful 1500W high speed motor.
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    Low price magnetic drill press construction tool for sale, with 35mm diameter annular cutter, strong magnetic adhesion 10000N, 1500 watt power available in 50Hz/ 60Hz 110V, 220V, 240V system. Portable magnetic drill is designed to produce superior holes quickly and efficiently. The overload protection electronics which prevent motor damage and excess accessory wear designed for long life.


    Model T-MW35T
    Drill Type Magnetic drill
    Max. Twist Bit 16mm
    Max. Annular Cutter 35mm
    Rated Voltage 110V / 220V / 240V AC
    Rated Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
    Magnetic Adhesion 10000N
    Rated Input Power 1500W
    No-load Speed 0-900 r/min
    Stroke 180mm
    Weldon Shank MT2
    Certificate CE
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 12 kg / 15 kg
    Package Plastic box inside + Carton box outside (wooden package)
    Packing Size 590 x 410 x 180mm


    • Strong Power: 1500W motor power in 50Hz/ 60Hz 110V, 220V, 240V magnetic drilling system
    • Electromagnet Base: Strong electromagnet base for side suction and back suction. Stable at work, to ensure both your efficiency and safety.
    • Double Dovetail Guide Rail: Double devotail design for smoother working, double coil super strong adsorption force.
    • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic auxiliary handle for easy handling and easy carrying.
    • Overload Protection: Prevents electronics from motor damage and excess accessory wear.
    • Wide Application: Suitable for steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge engineering, wind power generation, drilling rig, electric power construction, railway manufacturing and other field.

    Tips: Magnetic drill system applicatons

    In various complex environments of steel structure drilling operation, magnetic drill system is especially used in shipbuilding, paper industry, bridge, mechanical equipment installation and steel structure engineering.

    Magnetic drill construction tool can drill from different angles by using the adsorption force of magnetic base. Due to its small size, high power and accurate location, the operation efficiency is extremely high. Magnetic drill is a good solution to the problem of pipeline slag removal. It can also achieve satisfactory results for overlapping drilling of steel plate, especially for stainless steel pipe and stainless steel with certain thickness. Therefore, magnetic drill system is widely used in some large-scale subway construction, large-scale equipment maintenance, power plant maintenance and all pipeline engineering. If used with coring bit, the effect of magnetic drill will be more obvious.

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    Deanar | 9/23/2021 8:31 AM
    Solid magnetic drill press
    I have only used it a few times, magnetic drill press has performed very well. It cut quick and smooth, the cutting fluid was an easy set up and the magnet held well. I have only drilled 1/4 plate so far, but the cutters that came with it cut well.