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    Bench Yoke Pipe Vise, 2 inch/3 inch

    Buy pipe vise at affordable price, to clamp the metal pipes up to 2 inch or 3 inch. Bench yoke pip vice, cosntructed with fully forged cast iron, designed with hardened alloy steel V-jaw for durable use and firm holding, and anti-slip handle, easy to use.
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    Best pipe vise for sale. The cast iron bench yoke vise has hardened V-jaw for long lasting use and strong clamping up to 2-in pipes or 3-in pipes, easy to operate and labor saving. The pipe vice features high strength and durability and it is used to hold the metal pipes for threading, cutting or connecting.


    Model T-QG20221 T-QG20222
    Product Type Bench Yoke Vise
    Max. Opening 10-80mm 15-100mm
    Pipe Capacity 2 inch 3 inch
    Material Cast iron
    Weight 4.5kg 7.5kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Usage Tips

    1. When using the pipe vise, please pay attention to the pipe capacity to avoid the overload damage.
    2. Apply the force gently, avoiding impact force.
    3. Don’t clamp the workpiece with the temperature 300℃ and more.
    4. Keep the threaded lever and jaw clean.

    Tips: Pipe vise construction

    Pipe vise is composed of a base, a bracket, a pressure plate, a hook, a fixed jaw, a movable jaw, a lead screw, a wrench handle and other parts. It is a clamp tool designed for tightening pipes or other cylindrical work pieces on the worktable for reaming threads or other processing. It is widely used in pipeline installation and pipeline maintenance.

    The base of the pipe vise is made with eyelets for bolts to fix it on the workbench. There are two tooth blocks with V-shaped notches fastened by bolts in the middle of the base, which are the fixed jaws. One side of the bracket is fixedly connected with the base with bolts, and the other side is movable, and a hook must be hooked on the base to fix it. The screw rod can be rotated and moved up and down in the bracket. A wrench handle is inserted into the head of one end of the screw rod for operation, and the other end of the screw rod is embedded in the pressure plate. Both sides of the pressure plate can be moved up and down on the guide rail of the support. There is also a tooth plate with a V-shaped notch fastened by bolts at the lower part of the pressure plate. This is the movable jaw and is perpendicular to the center line of the fixed jaw. When the plate handle is rotated, the movable jaw will move up and down with the screw rod and the pressing plate, and the moving distance is the size of the jaw opening.

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    Ryane | 12/16/2021 6:54 AM
    This vise is my good helper.
    The vise has been received, and I can’t wait to unpack it. I used it to clamp 40×20×60mm square steel, which is very strong and is a good helper for making some small mechanical parts in my home.