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    Mini Drill Press Vise Clamp for DIY Carving

    Mini drill press vise clamp for wholesale, aluminum alloy material, 57mm jaw width and 53mm jaw opening, light and portable, easy to handle and adjust, multi-purpose mini bench vise for holding small round, square and irregular objects, ideal for DIY, carving, hobbies, crafts, etc.
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    Buy mini drill press vise clamp online at low price. This small table bench vise is universal for holding round, square and irregular objects. Compact and light, portable drill press vice is easy to handle and adjust the jaw opening upt to 53mm. The vise is suitable for firmly holding small objects, such as olives, walnuts, bodhi, Indian small stones, etc., and widely used for DIY, carving, hobby work, model making, craft working, and so on.


    Model T-MC03205
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Jaw Width 57mm
    Jaw Opening 53mm
    Overall Length 105mm
    Overall Height 43mm
    Weight 270g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Mini Drill Press Vise Size


    Mini Drill Press Vise Applications

    Tips: Fixed base bench vise

    The fixed base bench vise is composed of a movable jaw, a fixed jaw, a screw rod, a guide nut, a compression ring, a fixed base and a cranking handle. The lower part of the movable jaw of the bench vise is square, which is can be moved. The jaw iron or clamping surface is made of prismatic tooth patterns, which are fixed on the movable jaw and the fixed jaw with hexagon socket screws. The jaw iron can be replaced after it is damaged or worn. A trapezoidal thread is made on the screw rod. It passes through the hole of the movable jaw. One end is restricted to the movable jaw by a washer, and the other end is screwed into the guide nut. The guide nut is installed on the fixed jaw. The screw rod is displaced back and forth in the guide nut and drives the movable jaw to move correspondingly in the fixed jaw, so that the two jaws are closed or opened. When the movable jaw is closed to the fixed jaw, the workpiece is clamped, and the workpiece can be taken out when opened. A hole is respectively made on both sides of the base of the fixed jaw, so that the fixing bolt can be installed to fix the whole bench vise on the workbench.

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    Hasanain | 12/29/2020 8:27 AM
    Use a comfortable drill press vise
    This mini drill vise is very good. It is quite convenient to do some small manual work. Small workpieces of various shapes can be clamped such as small carvings and circuit board welding. I really like it very much.