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    Drill Press Vise, 3 in./4 in./5 in./6 in.

    Wholesale drill press vise with good price, available with jaw width 2.5-in, 3-in, 4-in, 5-in and 6-in, high quality cast iron with heat-treated, durable and wear-resistant, anti-slip jaw for tight clamping, 180 degree turning handle for quick adjustment, fit for small bench drills, electric drill stand, etc.
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    Drill press vise is a best tool to clamp any shapes of parts or pieces firmly with jaw width 2.5", 3", 4", 5" and 6" for choice on drill press table. Made from high quality cast iron construction after heat treatment, the drill press vice features increased hardness and long use life. Designed with anti-slip carbon steel jaw, the vice resists wear and clamps workpiece tightly. With a 180 degree pivoting handle, it is also very convenient to adjust the jaw opening. Moreover, this drill press vise can work with small bench drills, electric drill stand, etc.


    Model T-PKQ-25 T-PKQ-30 T-PKQ-40 T-PKQ-50 T-PKQ-60
    Material Cast Iron
    Size 2.5 inch 3 inch 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch
    Jaw Width 65mm 79mm  100mm 125mm 150mm
    Jaw Depth 20mm 20mm 22mm 24mm 25mm
    Jaw Opening 65mm 84mm 108mm 125mm 150mm
    Mounting Slot Distance 110mm 110mm 135mm 150mm 185mm
    Overall Height 43mm 43mm 50mm 55mm 64mm
    Weight 1.5kg 1.6kg 2.2kg 3.2kg 4.6kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    Drill Press Vise Dimension Drawing

    Tips: The use of drill press vise

    Drill press vises are general-purpose fixtures that are often used to install small work pieces. It is considered as an accessory for milling machines and drill press, thus it is fixed on the workbench of the machine tool and used to clamp the workpiece for cutting.

    The use of drill press vice is very simple. Rotate the lead screw with a handle, and drive the movable jaw to move through the lead screw nut to form tightening and loosening of the workpiece.

    5 tips for using the drill press vise

    • The machined surface of the workpiece must be higher than the jaws, otherwise the workpiece must be raised with parallel pad irons.
    • In order to firmly clamp the workpiece and prevent the workpiece from loosening during grindign, it need to attach the smoother surface of the workpiece to the clamping surface of the jaw.
    • When clamping the workpiece, lightly hit the upper surface of the workpiece with a wooden hammer or a copper hammer to make the workpiece close to the clamping surface of the jaw.
    • When clamping a workpiece with poor hardness, in order to prevent the workpiece from deforming, some protective measures need to be taken to protect the weak part of the workpiece first.
    • If the workpiece is processed by scribing, the scribing disc or inner caliper can be used to correct the workpiece.
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    Palma | 2/2/2021 7:09 AM
    Drill press vise can be flexibly rotated
    The drill press vise bought by my dad cannot be rotated. It is not convenient to use and has limitations. Since I changed this drill press vise that can rotate 180 degrees, it is very convenient to use. It can also be used with small bench drills and electric drill stands.