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    Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench, 8"/14"/18"/24"/36"/48"

    Heavy duty straight pipe wrenches with adjustable jaw, come with selectable sizes ranging from 8 inch/10 inch/12 inch/14 inch to 48 inch, made from sturdy ductile cast iron with high carbon steel jaw and I-beam handle for optimal durability and leverage, plastic handle for non-slip grip, long use life and favorable price, ideal for a variety of pipes work.
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    Low price 8"/10"/12"/14"/18"/24"/36"/48" heavy duty straight pipe wrenches for sales oneline. Designed with superior ductile cast iron housing with drop forged high-carbon jaw, I-beam handle with comfortable anti-slip design, the pipe wrenches are suitable for all kinds of pipe tightening and loosening in the fields like household plumbing, gas tank repair, vehicle maintenance, and so on.


    Model T-GQ-8 T-GQ-10 T-GQ-12 T-GQ-14 T-GQ-18 T-GQ-24 T-GQ-36 T-GQ-48
    Size * 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch 18 inch 24 inch 36 inch 48 inch
    Material Ductile cast iron with 55# high-carbon steel jaw
    Overall Length 195mm 245mm 270mm 310mm 400mm 500mm 780mm 1000mm
    Max. Jaw Opening 35mm 40mm 50mm 60mm 65mm 80mm 95mm 130mm
    Weight 0.4kg 0.7kg 1.0kg 1.2kg 1.7kg 2.7kg 5.0kg 8.1kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    Heavy Duty Adjustable Pipe Wrench Dimension Drawing

    * The overall length is measured in the closed state of pipe wrench.


    Heavy Duty Adjustable Pipe Wrench Applications

    Tips: Usage and precautions of pipe wrench

    Pipe wrench is a hand tool used to clamp and rotate steel tubes. According to the carrying capacity, weight, style and so on, the pipe wrenches can be divided into a variety of types, widely used in the installation of oil pipelines and civil pipelines.

    Pipe wrenches are used to clamp the pipe and rotate it to complete the connection. It works by converting the force of the clamp into a torque force, and the greater the force applied in the direction of the turning, the tighter the clamp will be.

    There are some cautions when using pipe wrench.

    • Select the appropriate specifications.
    • The opening of the pipe wrench jaw should be equal to the diameter of the workpiece.
    • After clamping the workpiece firmly, then the wrench will be applied with the force to pull to prevent skidding.
    • When using the extension bar, the length should be appropriate. When handling the handle, pay attention to the bearing torque and do not exert too much force to prevent overload damage.
    • Keep the teeth and adjustment rings clean.
    • General pipe wrench cannot be used as hammer.
    • Do not clamp the workpiece whose temperature exceeds 300℃.
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    Gresham | 8/13/2021 6:59 AM
    High quality pipe wrench
    As an amateur plumber, I need a good quality pipe wrench for routine water pipe maintenance. So I bought an 18 inch heavy duty pipe wrench last week. This is just what I am looking for! This middle size wrenches easily get the pipe valve off. Great value for money.