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    Plastic Putty Knife

    Hot sale plastic putty knife at a low price is applicable for spackling, patching and painting as a hand tool, it features 2 inch width and 5 inch length, is made of plastic, makes it lightweight and easy to use and store in smaller spaces.
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    Wholsale 2" plastic paint scraper is made from sturdy plastic that won't bend or break under pressure. It is strong enough to use for long time and thick enough to hold up against harsh substances such as window glass wallpaper, sticker, glue, paint, floor adhesive.

    Model T-C900
    Overall Length 125mm (5 inch)
    Overall Width 60mm (2 inch)
    Color Yellow
    Material Plastic
    Application Removing window glass wallpaper, sticker, glue, paint, floor adhesive.


    2 inch plastic putty knife size

    Tips: Instructions for using plastic putty knife
    1. The plastic putty knife can be used to scrape away or apply several different substances, such as grout or caulking, it is small enough to reach into thin cracks or slip behind baseboards.
    2. It is a better choice to use plastic putty knife to scrape unwanted materials off delicate smooth surfaces, such as window glass and mirror. Because removing with sharp blade is easy to scratch the delicate surfaces.
    3. the hand tool is also suitable for artists to paint, you can apply paint to a canvas the same way you apply fresh putty to a wall.
    4. Choose a metal putty knife if the joint compound or old wallpaper is hard to scrape off wall, door or tiles. Because it is bigger and stronger than plastic putty knife.
    5. Scraping material off a surface produces a lot of dust that can be irritating or even toxic for humans. So put on dust mask, gloves and safety goggles if necessary.

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