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    Plastic Digital Vernier Caliper, 8"/ 200mm

    Low price plastic digital vernier caliper, measuring range 0-200mm / 0-8", resolution 0.1mm / 0.004". PA66 high strength plastic, clear key identification, digital LCD display, fashionable appearance, waterproof splash, anti-oil.
    SKU: T-SL04-200
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    Economical price carbon fiber plastic electronic vernier caliper, powered by 1.5V button battery, applied to the resolution 0.1mm / 0.004" measurements. 0-8" measuring range, is the preferred measurement tool for jewelry, cultural relics and household measurement.


    Model T-SL04-200
    Type Plastic digital vernier caliper
    Measuring range 0-200mm / 0-8"
    Resolution 0.1mm / 0.004"
    Ruler body material PA66 high strength plastic
    Function Length measurement
    Operating temperature 0-40℃
    Net weight 110g
    Packing weight 140g
    Volume 45cm*15cm*4.5cm
    Battery type 1.5V button battery
    Package included

    1*Vernier caliper

    1*Standby battery


    Size of 200 mm plastic digital vernier caliper

    Tips: Advantages of 8" / 200mm plastic digital vernier calipers

    • Save manpower and improve work efficiency. When measuring with 8"/ 200mm plastic digital vernier calipers, the instrument will automatically collect data and then display the readings, without manual data recording. This is both convenient and quick and can save manpower.
    • Data analysis is more convenient. There is a memory card in the digital vernier caliper system, and the relevant data during the measurement will be stored in it, which is convenient for use. And we can use USB to export the data, and then perform the analysis we need. In addition, users can also use the Internet to obtain relevant data.
    • Connect multiple instruments. There is a connection port on the data acquisition instrument of the digital vernier caliper, so that when in use, both ports are connected to the instrument for measurement. This is another great advantage.
    • Portable measurement. The staff can manually move when using this caliper, so that the movement will not cause damage to the caliper and can check the quality of the product.
    • Manual entry. The traditional paper input is relatively troublesome and time-consuming. The digital display vernier caliper just overcomes this point. The vernier caliper can be entered manually, so there is no need to manually enter the second time.

    Measurement of plastic vernier caliper

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    Kathleen | 12/7/2020 1:04 AM
    How to return the vernier caliper to the closed position?
    When the vernier caliper is closed, what should be done to get it back to the closed position?
    A manager responded to this review
    If you happen to press the zero button while measuring an object, it will start measuring from that point. However, if you close the jaws after the point where you pressed the zero button, it will read a negative number because you passed the zero point. Simply close the jaws completely, and then press zero again to recalibrate the zero to the closed position.