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    Reversible Vibration Plate Compactor, 35 kN, 9 HP

    Best price reversible plate compactor construction tool provides 35 kN impact force, 3750 vibrations per minute frequency, 890 x 670 mm (35.04" x 26.38") plating size, powered by 9 HP air-cooled, 4-stroke Honda GX270 gasoline engine, the effective depth of compaction is 34 inch, high efficiency to 650 m2/hr.
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    Cheap reversible vibration plate compactor machine with 35 kN centrifugal force, high performance 9 HP Honda engine, easy to start up. Heavy duty shock mounts to withstand harsh operating environment, is your best choice for high production compaction application involving granular soils, asphalt. 


    • Powerful 9 HP Honda GX270 gasoline engine supports 7868 lbf of centrifugal force.
    • Engine type is forced air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine.
    • Large shok mounts reduce vibration to the handle.
    • Optimal for both reversing and forwarding compaction over mixed soils or asphalt.
    • Compacting plate is 890 x 670 mm (35.04" x 26.38") to cover more ground in less time.
    • More powerful force, better compaction effect, lower maintenance cost and long life time.
    • Delivers 3750 vibrations per minute to achieve results quickly.
    • Compaction of soil, debris and aggregate materials up to 34 inch.


    Model T-C270H
    Centrifugal Force 35 kN (7868 lbf)
    Frequency 3750 VPM (Vibrations per Minute)
    Engine Type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder
    Brand of Engine Honda GX270 gasoline engine
    Power of Engine 6.6 kW (9 HP)
    Plate Size 890 x 670 mm (35.04 x 26.38 inch)
    Travel Speed 350 mm/s (14 inch/s)
    Compaction Depth 900 mm (34 inch)
    Efficiency 650 m2/hr (6950 ft2/hr)
    Weight 270 kg
    Dimension 1780 x 670 x 900 mm (70.08 x 26.38 x 35.43 inch)
    Certificate CE, ISO900
    Warranty 1 year

    Tips: 35kN 9HP reversible vibration plate compactor application

    A plate compactor is a portable compaction tool that uses high-frequency vibration energy to generate compaction strength for compaction operations. Our 35kN 9HP reversible vibration plate compactor is widely used in the construction of highways, railways, water conservancy and other projects. In the construction of expressways, it can be used for the roads and culverts, the compaction of road surfaces, the repair and leveling of road maintenance. It is one of the indispensable equipment in road construction.

    This plate compactor is forbidden to work on watery roads (especially clay), it is not suitable for such roads. It cannot level the roads with many stones, especially large stones. It is mainly used to compact relatively flat roads, and is not suitable for working environments that require very large ramming capabilities.

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    Megan | 1/29/2021 6:18 AM
    Vibratory plate compactor with good compaction effect
    It has been raining for the past week and the roads have become soft. People walking on the road can easily sink. For people's safety, everyone chooses to compact the road in good weather. We decided to use the vibratory plate compactor purchased from It has a centrifugal force of 35kN and can withstand the harsh operating environment. It is our best choice for road maintenance.