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    Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers

    Wholesale snap ring pliers at best price, have internal circlip pliers and external circlip pliers with straight jaw and bent jaw available. The 7-inch snap ring pliers features chrome vanadium steel jaw, strong hardness and rust resistance, TPR plastic handle with spring-loaded design for comfortable long-time use, perfect for installing and removing snap rings.
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    Favorable price yet durable 7-in snap ring pliers are optional with straignt tip internal circlip pliers, bent tip internal circlip pliers, straignt tip external circlip pliers, and bent tip external circlip pliers. Designed with hardened CR-V jaw and comfortable spring-loaded handle, the pliers are ideal for the installation and removal of snap rings.


    Model T-EKHQ-105 T-EKHQ-106 T-EKHQ-107 T-EKHQ-108
    Product Type Internal Snap Ring Pliers
    w/ Strainght Tip
    Internal Snap Ring Pliers
    w/ Bent Tip
    External Snap Ring Pliers
    w/ Strainght Tip
    External Snap Ring Pliers
    w/ Bent Tip
    Material CR-V Jaw + TPR Plastic Handle
    Overall Length 180mm 170mm 185mm 170mm
    Overall Width 110mm 115mm 110mm 100mm
    Jaw Length 50mm 30mm 45mm 30mm
    Cutting Capacity 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
    Weight 209g 209g 212g 212g

    Dimemsion Drawing

    • Internal Circlip Pliers w/ Strainght Jaw

    Internal snap ring pliers with straight tip dimension drawing

    • Internal Circlip Pliers w/ Bent Jaw

    Internal snap ring pliers with bent tip dimension drawing

    • External Circlip Pliers w/ Strainght Jaw

    External snap ring pliers with straignt tip dimension drawing

    • External Circlip Pliers w/ Bent Jaw

    External snap ring pliers with bent tip dimension drawing

    Tips: What are snap ring pliers?

    Snap ring pliers, also known as retaining ring pliers, circlip pliers, are a kind of special tools used to install and remove the snap rings. In appearance, the snap ring pliers belong to the category of long nose pliers. Circlip pliers are divided into two categories: external circlip pliers and internal circlip pliers, which are designed for working with external circlips and internal circlips respectively. The head of snap ring pliers has two forms, that is, straight tip and bent tip, which are both applicable for internal snap ring pliers and external snap ring pliers. Circlip pliers can be used not only to install the ring but also to remove it. In the normal state, the pliers with open jaw are internal circlip pliers to be fitted inside a hollow, cylindrical housing or bore, while the pliers with closed jaw are external circlip pliers to fit around the outside of a shaft or dowel.

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