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    Wire Stripper Cutter and Wire Crimper

    Low price wire stripper cutter and crimper for sale online. With hardened steel and PVC plastic handle design for durable use and comfortable work, the wire stripping tool, wire cutter and crimper comes with various sizes like 10-22 AWG wire stripper, 10-20 AWG wire stripper and 12-20 AWG wire crimper, etc., best for stripping, cutting and crimping stranded wires.
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    Multi-functional wire strippers / wire cutters / wire crimpers are available in various sizes to meeting your different needs of stripping, cutting and crimping wires. These wire stripping tools have hardened cutting edge for long time use, and ergonomic handle for comfortable working, suitable for 0.2-6mm2 RV, RW, BVR, BWB and other stranded wires.

    * Please note that the BV solid wires is not applied to our wire strippers and cutters because its hardness will damage the cutting edge, and it is suggested to use Lineman's pliers or combination pliers to cut the solid wires.


    Model T-EBXQ-101 T-EBXQ-102 T-EBXQ-103 T-EBXQ-104 T-EBXQ-105 T-EBXQ-106 T-EBXQ-107
    Product Type * Wire Stripper/Cutter
    10-22 AWG
    Wire Stripper/Cutter
    10-22 AWG
    Wire Stripper/Cutter
    10-20 AWG
    Wire Crimper
    12-20 AWG
    Wire Stripper/Cutter
    10-20 AWG
    Wire Stripper/Cutter
    8-16 AWG
    Wire Stripper/Cutter
    8-16 AWG
    Wire Crimper
    10-26 AWG
    Wire Stripper/Cutter
    16-22 AWG
    Wire Crimper
    10-28 AWG
    Material High-carbon steel jaw, stainless steel + PVC plastic handle
    Overall Length 165mm 178mm 180mm 185mm 182mm 205mm 190mm
    Overall Width 55mm 65mm 60mm 60mm 55mm 55mm 55mm
    Handle Length 90mm 105mm 105mm 100mm 100mm 110mm 125mm
    Jaw Length 41mm 42mm 43mm 42mm 32mm 32mm 25mm
    Cutting Capacity 30mm 40mm 33mm 22mm 31mm 36mm 15mm
    Weight 125g 128g 147g 161g 209g 248g 236g

    Note: * For specific AWG wire stripping / cutting / crimping, please check the below figures.

    Dimemsion Drawing

    Wire Stripper Cutter and Crimper Dimension Drawing

    Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper Details

    10-22 AWG Wire Striper and Cutter
    10-22 AWG Wire Stripping Tool with Cutter
    10-20 AWG Wire Striper Cutter Crimper
    10-20 AWG Wire Striper and Cutter
    8-16 AWG Wire Striper and Cutter
    8-16 AWG Wire Striper Cutter Crimper
    10-28 AWG Wire Crimper Stripper and Cutter

    Tips: How to use a wire stripper?

    The wire stripper is used to remove the electrical insulation layer from the wires as one of the commonly-used tools in the wire electrician, electric motor repair, and instrument and meter electrician. The wire stripper keeps the insulation separated from the wire and prevents electric shock.

    The key point of using a wire stripper and cutter is that according to the diameter of the wire, choose the right stripping notch size.

    • According to the thickness of the cable, select the corresponding stripping notch size.
    • Place the cable in the middle of the notch of the wire stripper and select the length of the cable to be stripped.
    • Hold the handle of the wire stripper, grip the cable, and slowly make the cable skin peel off.
    • Loosen the tool handle and remove the cable, leaving the cable metal neatly exposed and the rest of the insulating plastic intact.
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    Judy | 7/23/2021 1:17 AM
    Excellent quality.
    I bought this unit for wire stripping, cutting, and did some crimp connectors. I was using it mainly for my company's electric projects. For everything I did, the end result was excellent with this tool. It can easily strip and cut wires. For the price and the quality of this tool, it is actually good. It exceeded my expectations.