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    Square Fabric Grow Pots for Strawberry

    Square fabric grow pots for planting strawberry, 5 gallon grow bag with 4 pockets, 10 gallon grow bag with 8 pockets, made of high-quality non-woven material, reusable, energy saving and environmental protection.
    SKU: T-GB-003
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    Strawberry grow bag is ideal for planting plants in gardens, balconies, and courtyards. You can hang fabric pots where you like.


    Model T-GB-003
    Product Name Square fabric pots
    Applicable Plants Strawberry
    Material Non-woven
    Color Green, khaki, black
    Size 5 Gallon, 10 gallon


    Size Diameter Height Weight Pockets
    5 Gallon 11 inch 13.7 inch 130g 4 pockets
    10 Gallon 13.7 inch 15.7 inch 260g 8 pockets

    Tips: How to grow strawberries using potted plants?

    1. Choose the right flower pot and pot soil. When planting strawberry bonsai, you need to choose a flower pot with better drainage. It is recommended to buy a flower pot with more drainage holes. In addition, strawberries need enough space during the growth process, so the flower pots you choose should not be too small; it is recommended to choose slightly acidic loose soil for potting soil. Strawberries prefer an acidic environment.

    2. Make preparations for cultivation. Before planting begins, everyone now spreads a layer of stones under the flowerpot, and then puts the soil into the flowerpot. Generally, just open 2/3 of the flowerpot, and then water the flowerpot until water leaks out of the pot. I will plant strawberries next.

    3. Planting strawberries. Take the prepared strawberry seedlings out, soak their roots in water for an hour, then put them in a pot, smooth the roots, and then bury the roots in the soil.
    Fourth, after the strawberry planting is over, watering needs to be done. After finishing the strawberry planting work, you need to water the strawberry pot once. If you find that the height of the soil decreases during the watering process, you need to add some soil to the pot appropriately.

    4. Prevention of plant diseases and insect pests. Insect pests encountered during strawberry growth generally include aphids, whitefly, mites, nematodes, etc. The emergence of pests will affect the strawberry fruit, destroy its leaves, and make the strawberry grow bad. Flowers and fruits, so once pests are found, they must be killed in time to ensure the yield of strawberries.

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    Sandi | 1/12/2021 2:37 AM
    Beautiful strawberry planting pot
    I have received strawberry planting pots. The style of the flower pots is very special and delicate. After planting the plants, it feels very beautiful. I am very happy to choose this flower pot. I am very satisfied with it, and I will come back to buy flower pots if necessary.