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    Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers, Split Ring

    Affordable price Stainless Steel fishing pliers, split ring pliers, made of drop forged stainless steel with teflon coating, strong corrosion resistance, designed with anti-slip rubber handle for comfortable grip even in the winter fishing. Pliers comes with wire coiled lanyard and nylon sheath, convenient to reach and keep secure.
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    • Stainless steel fishing pliers, constructed with drop forged stainless steel with teflon coating, no rust and no corrosion, best for freshwater and saltwater environment.
    • Split ring fishing pliers, easy and quick to remove hook and more.
    • Soft rubber handle, anti-slip, rust resistant and wear resistant, providing comfortable handling even in cold winter.
    • Fine spring-bearing design for high leverage, easy to use with one hand and labor-saving.
    • Tungsten carbide cutters (fully replaceable) on the pliers are extremely sharp, easy to cut tough braided lines, heavy mono leaders, fly lines and backing lines.
    • The fishing pliers also come with a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon sheath, always to keep this hand tool easy to access and secure with you.


    Model T-LYQ-HT1012
    Material 2cr13 Stainless Steel
    Overall Length 185mm
    Overall Width 58mm
    Color Black
    Accessories 1* Wire Coiled Lanyard, 1* Nylon Sheath
    Weight 152g

    Fishing Pliers Details

    Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers Details

    Tips: Structure of pliers

    Pliers are indispensable hand tools for holding, cutting and bending workpiece in various industries such as assembly, repair and installation. But it has a common basic structure, that is, any hand pliers consists of three parts: the pliers head, the pivot and the handle. The three parts of the pliers are as follows:

    • A set of handle for holding. With ergonomic design, the handle is safer and more comfortable to grip.
    • The pivot is the connecting point of the pliers. The joint must move smoothly, without any loosening, so that the pliers can be easily opened or closed with one hand.
    • The pliers head is equipped with a clamp nose or cutting edge. The cutting edge of the pliers head is finely grind into a suitable shape. The two cutting edges must be very sharp and close precisely to each other to make it easy to shear the wire.
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    Rhino | 7/21/2021 9:53 AM
    Fisherman love
    I have been looking for a pair of new fishing pliers for my dad as the old one broke last week. This stainless steel fishing plier is very sturdy and comfortable to use in the hand. My dad doesn't find it hard to hold or have to use excess force to hold it. The unit is made of non-slip rubber. All in all, this plier is definitely worth the price.