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    Tamper Proof Triangle and Torx Security Screwdriver

    Favorable price security screwdriver for wholesale, 2-in-1 design for both tamper resistant triangle and tamper proof torx screws, available with tamper resistant torx & triangle tip sizes T10 & 1.8mm, T15 & 2.0mm, T20 & 2.3mm, T25 & 3.0mm. With hardened chrome vanadium steel shaft, magnetic bit holder and ergonomic non-slip handle, the screwdriver makes you feel easy and comfortable at work.
    SKU: T-SD-TT
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    Buy 2 in 1 tamper proof security screwdriver in bulk online, combines tamper-resistant triangle and torx tip in one, optional tip sizes T10 & 1.8mm, T15 & 2.0mm, T20 & 2.3mm, T25 & 3.0mm.


    • 2-in-1 security screwdriver makes it easy to drive and remove both tamperproof triangel and tamperproof torx screws.
    • High quality chrome vanadium steel shaft with strong hardness and good rust resistance.
    • Strong magnetic tip, easy to hold screws and efficient to unscrew.
    • Comfortable non-slip handle with ergonomic design
    • Removable screwdriver shaft firmly locked with a spring-loaded ball in hollow handle, and adjustable shaft length, suitable for various spaces.


    Model T-SD-TT
    Size (Shaft diameter*length) 5*125mm
    Tip Type & Size * Tamper-resistant Torx & Triangle head: T10 & Δ1.8, T15 & Δ2.0, T20 & Δ2.3, T25 & Δ3.0
    Handle Length 105mm
    Shaft Material Chrome-Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
    Bit Holding Mechanism Magnetic tip

    * The below figure for your reference will show you sercurity screwdriver tip type and measuring method.

    Screwdriver Size

    Triangle and Torx Security Screwdriver Sizes

    Screwdriver Tip Measuring Method

    Security Screwdriver Head Measuring Method


    2-in-1 Security Screwdriver Applications

    Tips: Magnetizing and demagnetizing methods for screwdrivers

    There are two ways of magnetizing the screwdriver.

    • The first method is to put a screwdriver and a permanent magnet together for a period of time. If you are in a hurry to use the screwdriver, rub it on the magnet in one direction for a few times, and then it can keep the magnetic property for a period of time. Or take a small magnet and attach it directly to the screwdriver.
    • Here is second option. If you don't have a magnet in your hand, find a battery that can also be used for magnetizing. Use a wire to wind a coil around the screwdriver, and then electrify it with a 1.5V battery. Connect the two ends of the coil to the positive and negative poles for about a minute. That's how magnetizers sold online work -- electromagnetizing.

    In some certain working conditions, a screwdriver with a magnetic head may not work well, and we need to demagnetize the screwdriver. There are 3 kinds of demagnetization methods for screwdriver.

    • The first method is heating up to make the internal magnetic field messes up and loses its magnetism.
    • Secondly, a few falls on the ground, similar to the first, also disrupt the internal magnetic field.
    • The third method is to use the demagnetizer, which can be simulated, that is, place two magnets repelling each other and put the screwdriver in the repellant space for a while. It is the opposite of magnetization.
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    Paul | 8/10/2021 5:42 AM
    Excellent quality
    I can honestly say that the magnetic tips are amazing! These tamper proof triangle and torx security screwdriver are easy to hold screws and efficient to unscrew. They are well made and are very inexpensive. The durable is flawless too. I am very happy about the excellent quality!