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    Tamper Proof Tri-Point and Spanner Security Screwdriver

    Y-type and U-shape combination screwdriver allows you to unscrew the tamperproof tri-point and spanner security screws with tamper resistant design. Optional tri-point and spanner tip sizes Y0-1.7mm, Y2-U2.0, Y1-2.3mm, Y3-2.6mm, the security screwdriver comes with CR-V steel shaft, magnetic tips and comfort non-slip handle, suitable for various applications.
    SKU: T-SD-YU
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    Wholesale 2 in 1 tamper proof security screwdriver online, combines Y-type tip and U-shape tip in one, suitable for tri-point and spanner security screws.


    • 2-in-1 security screwdriver makes it easy to drive and remove both tamperproof tro-point and tamperproof spanner screws.
    • High quality chrome vanadium steel shaft with strong hardness and good rust resistance.
    • Strong magnetic tip, easy to hold screws and efficient to unscrew.
    • Comfortable non-slip handle with ergonomic design
    • Removable screwdriver shaft firmly locked with a spring-loaded ball in hollow handle, and adjustable shaft length, suitable for various spaces.


    Model T-SD-YU
    Size (Shaft diameter*length) 5*125mm
    Tip Type & Size * Tri-point (Y shape) & Spanner (U shape): Y0 & U1.7, Y2 & U2.0, Y1 & U2.3, Y3 & U2.6
    Handle Length 105mm
    Shaft Material Chrome-Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
    Bit Holding Mechanism Magnetic tip

    * The below figure for your reference will show you sercurity screwdriver tip type and measuring method.

    Screwdriver Size

    Tri-point and Spanner Security Screwdriver Sizes

    Screwdriver Head Measuring Method

    Security Screwdriver Head Measuring Method


    2-in-1 Security Screwdriver Applications

    Tips: Working principle and use method of screwdriver

    1. Working Principle of screwdriver

    Screwdriver works based on the lever principle. Its power comes from the handle grip. With the handle rotation, drive the screwdriver shaft to drive the screw rotation. The bigger the handle, the less effort. This is the obvious lever mechanism.

    2. Common usage of screwdriver

    • The use of short screwdriver
      The short screwdriver is used to tighten the small screws on the wiring pile of the electrical equipment. The thumb and middle finger can be used to hold the handle, and the forefinger is used to hold the end of the handle to rotate.
    • The use of long screwdriver
      Long screwdriver is used to tighten the larger screws. When the screwdriver is used, in addition to gripping the handle with the thumb, index finger and middle finger, the palm holds against the end of the handle, so as to prevent the slip during the rotation.
    • The use of a longer screwdriver
      You can use the right hand to press and turn the handle, and the left hand to hold the center of the screwdriver, which should not be placed around the screwdriver, in case the head slip will scratch the hand.
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    Mizz | 8/5/2021 4:00 AM
    Good tool
    Very nice 2-in-1 tamper proof security screwdriver. This tool was exactly what I needed and it was sturdy. What attracts me is that it has an adjustable shaft length. So I can stretch the length to fit different spaces. The handle is also comfortable to grip. I need to buy it again at such a low price.