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    Tamper Proof Tri-Point and Spanner Security Screwdriver

    Y-type and U-shape combination screwdriver allows you to unscrew the tamperproof tri-point and spanner security screws with tamper resistant design. Optional tri-point and spanner tip sizes Y0-1.7mm, Y2-U2.0, Y1-2.3mm, Y3-2.6mm, the security screwdriver comes with CR-V steel shaft, magnetic tips and comfort non-slip handle, suitable for various applications.
    SKU: T-SD-YU
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    • 2-in-1 security screwdriver makes it easy to drive and remove both tamperproof tro-point and tamperproof spanner screws.
    • High quality chrome vanadium steel shaft with strong hardness and good rust resistance.
    • Strong magnetic tip, easy to hold screws and efficient to unscrew.
    • Comfortable non-slip handle with ergonomic design
    • Removable screwdriver shaft firmly locked with a spring-loaded ball in hollow handle, and adjustable shaft length, suitable for various spaces.


    Model T-SD-YU
    Size (Shaft diameter*length) 5*125mm
    Tip Type & Size * Tri-point (Y shape) & Spanner (U shape): Y0 & 1.7, Y2 & 2.0, Y1 & 2.3, Y3 & 2.6
    Handle Length 105mm
    Shaft Material Chrome-Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
    Bit Holding Mechanism Magnetic tip

    * The below figure for your reference will show you sercurity screwdriver tip type and measuring method.

    Screwdriver Size

    Tri-point and Spanner Security Screwdriver Sizes

     Screwdriver Head Measuring Method

    Security Screwdriver Head Measuring Method


    2-in-1 Security Screwdriver Applications

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