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    Wire Rope Cutter, 8 inch

    Low price wire rope cutter for sale, size in 8 inch, total length 200mm, made from high quality chrome vanadium steel, stainless and hardness. The best wire rope cutter is used for cutting wires, cables and iron wires, practical and durable.
    SKU: T-WRC-8
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    The wire rope cutters madeĀ from high quality chrome vanadium steels, overall heat treatment. The cutting edge is sharp, cutting flat. The automatic telescopic spring improves the working efficiency. The plastic handles are comfortable to hold and non-slip. The tail of a wire rope cutter has a safety catch that is easy to carry and store.


    Model T-WRC-8
    Size 8 inch
    Total Length 200mm
    Material Chrome Vanadium Steel
    Cutting Range Below 5mm
    Weight 330g


    Wire Rope Cutter Applications

    Tips: Why You Need a Wire Rope Cutter?

    Wire rope is a spiral wire bundle made of steel wires, rope core and grease, which twists steel wires with mechanical properties and geometric dimensions that meet the requirements according to certain rules. In material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, traction, tensioning and carrying. However, when you install a wire rope, you must need a cutting tool to handle it. The wire rope cutter will be your best choice to cut the wire rope to the size. A wire ripe cutter is made from high quality chrome vanadium steel, high hardness and stainless, in order to cut the hardest wire ropes and cables. It is an essential tool for professional technicians and DIY workers.

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    Paul | 7/21/2021 8:47 AM
    Durable wire rope cutter
    I often need to wire the fence to keep my rabbits running out. So I bought this 8-inch wire rope cutter to help with my work. I must say it really fits with my small hands. The cutter works strong, and can easily cut through the wire for me. I have already used it for about 3 weeks and it still works well.