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    1/2" Air Impact Wrench, 400 ft/lb, 8000rpm

    Economical price 1/2" (half inch) air impact wrench for sale, maximum torque 400 ft/lb (550Nm), no load speed 8000rpm, air inlet size 1 /4 inch, working pressure 0.6 – 0.8 MPa. The best pneumatic impact wrench used for replacing tires of small cars and tightening mechanical equipment bolts.
    SKU: T-AIW-2400
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    • Our best half inch air impact wrench is made from high quality material processed by heat treament, which has long time service.
    • The air impact wrench is lightweight and designed for an ergonomic handle. So you can operate it easily.
    • 400 ft/lb (550Nm) strong torque output not only work efficiently but also save your time and energy.
    • A Speed-control switch is on the back of the air impact wrench. The torque can be adjusted according to what you need.
    • Built-in stainless steel filter effectively blocks debris in the air to avoid the air impact wrench damage.


    Model T-AIW-1400
    Drive Size 1 /2 inch (12.7mm)
    Working Pressure 85 - 115 PSI (0.6 - 0.8 MPa)
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 inch
    Bolt Capacity 16mm
    Hose Size 13mm
    Air Consumption 0.5M3/Min
    Maximum Torque 400 ft/lb (550Nm)
    No Load Speed 8000rpm
    Power Source Air Powered
    Body Dimension 185mm * 175mm
    Weight 2.68kg


    1/2 inch Air Impact Wrench 400 ft/lb Details


    Air Impact Wrench Applications

    Tips: How to Maintain the 1/2 inch Air Impact Wrench

    1. Use air at the proper pressure. Generally, the operating pressure of pneumatic tools is 0.62-0.65MPa. Please ensure that the air compressor is vented adequately. Although too high air pressure can make the air tool more efficiently, it can damage the internal parts and shorten the service life.
    2. Select a suitable size and length of air hose. Air tools show the size of the air inlet. If the air hose is too long or the diameter is too small, the pressure will be greatly reduced when the air impact wrench is in operation, resulting in weak or low power of the tool.
    3. Use a filter. The main reasons of the air tools grinding and aging are water, dust, oil, rust and other wastes in compressed air. So it is necessary to install a filter to provide clean and dry gases for air tools. The filter needs to be cleaned frequently. In addition, the internal of the air compressor will accumulate a lot of water after it works for a period of time. It must be discharged regularly, so as to ensure the gas drying.
    4. All the air tools must be lubricated regularly and properly to ensure a long term normal operation. When the air flow passes through the oil-water separator, it will atomize the lubricating oil in the oil pot and then feed it into the tool. The oil-water separator should be installed as close to the tool inlet as possible. The choice of lubricating oil is as well as important. Incorrect use of lubricating oil will damage the tool. When using air tools, you’d better fill in special pneumatic lubricating oil.
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