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    1/2" Air Ratchet Wrench, 50 ft/lb, 180rpm

    Economical 1/2" (half inch) air ratchet wrench at wholesale price, maximum torque 50 ft/lb (68Nm), no load speed 180rpm, 1/4 in. air inlet, high torque, powered by air compressor. Best for fastening bolts of automobiles and mechanical equipment.
    SKU: T-ARW-250
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    1/2" (half inch) air ratchet wrenches are used for automobiles, motorcycles, electro mobiles and bicycles assembly and maintenance and also suitable for small mechanical equipment, electronic appliances, and home appliances among other things, especially narrow places in air conditions and refrigerator compressor. At last, user can operate air ratchet wrenches during assembling and disassembling bolts in construction, power stations and bridge engineering.


    • 1/2" square drive air ratchet wrench, can adjust the angle as required, very convenience to use, especially in the narrow spaces.
    • Provides 50 ft/lb of maximum torque and 180 rpm of free speed.
    • Light yet powerful air ratchet with ergonomic design, more comfortable during the use.
    • Forward/Reverse switch, one-hand operation, easy to change the direction.
    • Air inlet with filter to keep the debris out and ensure clean working environment.
    • The rear air exhaust design keeps the airflow away from the operator to aviod blowing the dust and debris on the face.


    Model T-AIW-250
    Drive Size 1 /2 inch
    Working Pressure 90 PSI (0.62 MPa)
    Air Inlet Size 1 /4 inch (6.35mm)
    Air Consumption 5 cfm
    Maximum Torque 50 ft/lb (68Nm)
    No Load Speed 180rpm
    Power Source Air Powered
    Body Length 272mm
    Weight 1.3kg


    Dimensions of 1/2 inch Air Ratchet Wrench 50 ft/lb


    1/2 inch Air Ratchet Wrench 50 ft/lb Details

    Tips:Diagram of Air Ratchet Wrench

    Air ratchet wrench diagram

    No. Description No. Description No. Description No. Description
    1 Housing 11 Rotor Blades 21 Gear Pin 31 Steel Ball
    2 Throttle Cap 12 Rotor 22 Hexagon Cap 32 Washer
    3 O-ring 13 Spring Pin 23 Air Hose Joint 33 Pushing Washer
    4 Spring 14 Cylinder 24 Ratchet Handle 34 Retaining Ring
    5 Throttle Valve Plunger 15 Front End Plate 25 Spring 35 Spring
    6 O-Ring 16 Front Ball Bearing 26 Bearing 36 Ratchet Pawl
    7 Spring Pin 17 Gasket 27 Crank Shafe 37 F/R Lock Pin
    8 Trigger 18 Gear Sleeve 28 Drive Bushing 38 F/R Bar
    9 Rear Ball Bearing 19 Gear 29 Ratchet Yoke 39 Air Hose Joint
    10 Rear End Plate 20 Gear Plate 30 Ratchet Anvil 40 Hard Chrome Steel Ball
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