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    1/2 inch Pipe Clamp for Woodworking

    Best price 1/2 inch pipe clamp for woodworking, clamping capacity only up to the length of the pipe used, high quality cast iron construction, available with straight handle or hand-cranked handle for choice, clutch-disc design to hold and clamp on wood firmly.
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    Low price 1/2 inch pipe clamp for sale, fixture for 1/2" pipe. The clamping capacity is only limited by the length of the pipe you provide. The pipe clamp is made of tough cast iron for durability and features clutch-disc design for easy and smooth operation. Best pipe clamp for woodworking.


    Model T-CLAMP-4PIPE
    Size 1/2 inch
    Material Cast iron
    Handle Type (Optional) Straight handle or Hand-cranked handle
    Dimension A 38mm
    B 38mm
    C 90mm
    For Use With (NOT Included) 1/2" pipe (inner diameter 15mm & outside diameter 21mm)
    Weight 0.6kg (Straight handle) or 0.8kg (Hand-cranked handle)

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    1/2 inch pipe clamp fixture dimension drawing
    1/2" pipe clamp fixture

    Tips: The difference between bar clamp and C clamp

    Bar clamp is mainly used to hold work pieces for small plates splicing large-area plates, while C-clamp or G-clamp is used to clamp and fix various shapes of work pieces, modules, etc.

    The bar clamp has the advantages of a wide range of clamping thickness and convenient clamping. In some specific cases, the iron rod can be modified to pass through the hole for clamping. The disadvantage is that it has long body, which may not be convenient in some places.

    The advantage of C-clamp is that it is not easy to be affected by the length. Most of the time, it can be internally clamped in a relatively small space. The disadvantages are more obvious. The clamping thickness range is generally small, and the clamping is not convenient. It must be screwed from head to toe, which is very tiring.

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    yanhong | 9/30/2021 9:07 AM
    Quality service
    Thank you for answering my question sincerely. I decided to order some more 1/2 inch woodworking pipe clamps.