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    10x20 Plant Growing Trays, 100pcs/ Set

    Buy 100-piece lower cost plant sprouting trays online, which are flexible and strong. 10x20 cells/ piece, 12cc/ hole, 1320 holes/ ㎡, 6mm bottom hole diameter. The thickness can be selected according to your needs: 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm. The growing trays provided are made of PS material, degradable and corrosion resistant.
    SKU: T-XS200A
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    Best garden growing trays for your vegetable, melon and fruit early seed sprouting work. Fine workmanship, neat holes at the bottom. They can make plants grow more quickly, and the transplanting is not easy to make the root system loose.


    Model T-XS200A
    Number of Cells 10*20
    Volume/ Hole 12cc
    Thickness (Selectable) 0.7/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm
    Holes/ ㎡ 1320
    Bottom Hole Diameter 6mm
    Material PS
    Dimension 540*280*42mm


    Details of 10x20 plant growing trays

    Selectable Thickness

    Model Thickness (mm) Standard Quality ±5g Quantity (Piece/ Case) Package Weight (KG) Packing Size (cm) Material
    T-XS200A 0.7  109 150 17 50*29*55 PS
    0.8 125 125 16 50*29*55 PS
    0.9 140 120 17 55*29*55 PS
    1.0  155 100 16 50*29*55 PS


    Applications of seed trays

    Tips: Why you need 10x20 cells seed starting trays?

    • Using plant trays can save the amount of seed and reduce the production cost.
    • The use of seedling trays can make the emergence of seedlings orderly, maintain the consistency of plant growth.
    • The seed trays can be used with all kinds of manual and automatic seeder, which is convenient for centralized management and improve work efficiency.
    • The use of growing trays can prevent the root system from being damaged during transplanting and the survival rate is high.
    • After the seedlings grow in the sprouting trays, they should start to use the technique of rapid root control and then move into the container of rapid root control and continue to grow. Controlled root rapid seedling container is a new rapid seedling technology to regulate root growth, which has a unique effect on preventing root rot and coiling of taproot. The root control container can make the lateral root shape thick and short and not form the winding root, which overcomes the defect of root winding caused by conventional container seedling. The rapid seedling raising container can increase the total root amount of the plant by 30-50 times, the survival rate of the seedlings can reach more than 98%, the seedling raising cycle can be shortened by half, and the management workload after transplanting can be reduced by more than 50%. Rapid seedling raising container can make seedling root system robust and vigorous growth, especially it has obvious advantages for cultivation and transplanting of large seedlings, seasonal transplanting and afforestation under bad conditions.
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    Cassy | 8/10/2021 8:32 AM
    Good quality plant trays
    Good quality plant trays. They are very useful for my succulents and orchids. Overall I am very pleased with these and they should last a long time. I will buy more in the future.