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    3x5 Plant Growing Trays, 100 pcs

    Buy 15 cells seedling trays with cheap price. 0.7mm/ 0.8mm/ 0.9mm/ 1.0mm/ 1.2mm thickness for selection. PS (polystyrene) material production, non-toxic environmental protection, good air permeability, modified by a unique formula, strong flexibility.
    SKU: T-XQ15
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    Best sale 100 piece/ set seed growing trays which have 0.1 gallon volume/ hole, 6mm bottom hole diameter and are not easy to deform. Degradable and durable garden tool used for seedling raising of vegetables, flowers, trees, tobacco, etc.


    Model T-XQ15
    Number of Cells 3*5
    Volume/ Hole 350cc/ 0.1 gal
    Thickness (Selectable) 0.7mm/ 0.8mm/ 0.9mm/ 1.0mm/ 1.2mm
    Holes/ ㎡ 99
    Bottom Hole Diameter 6mm
    Material PS
    Dimension 540*280*75mm


    Details of 3x5 plant growing trays

    Selectable Thickness

    Model Thickness (mm) Standard Quality (±5g) Quantity (Pieces/ Case) Package Weight (KG) Packing Size (cm) Material
    T-XQ15 0.7 109 150 17 38*29*55 PS
    0.8 125 125 16 38*29*55 PS
    0.9 140 120 17 40*29*55 PS
    1.0  155 100 16 36*29*55 PS
    1.2 186 100 19 42*29*55 PS


    Applications of plant growing trays

    Tips: What are the best seed growing trays?

    The smaller the hole, the more sensitive the plug seedlings are to changes in soil moisture, nutrients, oxygen, pH and EC. The deeper the hole, the more air in the matrix, the more conducive to ventilation, leaching of salt, and the growth of roots. Choose proper plant trays, choose a good substrate, fill the substrate correctly, punch holes, sow the seeds evenly into the middle of the holes, cover them evenly, and water them appropriately. This completes the first step of factory plug seedling cultivation. The matrix in the disc cavity must have a depth of at least 5mm to have gravity, so that the moisture in the matrix can penetrate, and the deeper the air enters the cavity, the more oxygen is contained. The shape of the hole is suitable to be a square inverted trapezoid, which will help guide the root system to extend downward, rather than entangle the root system on the inner wall like a round or vertical hole. Deeper holes provide more favorable conditions for the drainage and ventilation of the substrate. Some seed starting trays have ventilation holes between the holes, so that air can flow between the plants, making the leaves dry, reducing disease, and ensuring that the whole plant grows evenly.

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    Shaun | 7/19/2021 7:08 AM
    Great plant growing tray
    I received the plant growing tray with no problems. This product is a good tray for starting my seed growth. It is as sturdy as any other tray I've used. Exactly as advertised. Really just what I need. I would highly recommend this growing tray!