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    8x16 Plant Growing Trays, 100 Piece

    100pcs/ set wholesale price plant starter trays have 128 cells and 7mm bottom hole diameter. 0.5mm-1.0mm thickness are provided. The holes at the bottom are neat, which is conducive to accelerating the growth of plants. It is the best plant growing tool for you to save costs and improve seedling efficiency.
    SKU: T-XQB128
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    8*16 pots seedling trays for sale, which can make the plant root network strong, easy to move and will not damage the roots when moving. They are widely used in vegetables seedling, fruits seedling and other garden seedling work.


    Model T-XQB128
    Number of Cells 8*16
    Volume/ Hole 20cc
    Thickness 0.5/ 0.6/ 0.7/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm
    Holes/ ㎡ 845
    Bottom Hole Diameter 7mm
    Material PS
    Dimension 538*278*48mm


    Details of 8x16 plant growing trays

    Selectable Thickness

    Model Thickness (mm) Standard Quality ±5g Quantity (Piece/ Case) Package Weight (KG) Packing Size (cm) Material
    T-XQB128 0.5 79 200 16 38*29*55 PS
    0.6 95 180 17 40*29*55 PS
    0.7 110 150 17 38*29*55 PS
    0.8 125 125 16 38*29*55 PS
    0.9 140 120 17 40*29*55 PS
    1.0 155 100 16 36*29*55 PS


    Applications of seed trays

    Tips: What is the best seedling substrate?

    The good substrate used in the process of using the seed trays to grow seedlings should have the following characteristics:

    • Ideal moisture capacity.
    • Good drainage capacity and air capacity.
    • Easy to remoisturize.
    • Good porosity and uniform void distribution.
    • Stable vascular bundle structure, less dust.
    • Appropriate PH value, 5.5-6.5.
    • Contains appropriate nutrients to ensure the nutrient requirements of the cotyledons before unfolding.
    • Low salt level, EC is less than 0.7 (1:2 dilution method).
    • The size of the matrix particles is uniform.
    • No plant diseases, insect pests and weeds.
    • The quality of each batch of matrix remains consistent.

    The function of vermiculite with smaller particles is to increase the water retention capacity of the matrix rather than the porosity. To increase the drainage and air permeability of the peat matrix, choose to add perlite instead of vermiculite. On the contrary, if you want to increase the water holding capacity, you can add a certain amount of small particles of vermiculite.

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    Glenda | 8/10/2021 9:04 AM
    Great price and value
    Handled carefully and sterilized they can be reused a few times. I have used and reused these trays for seed starting veggies, flowers, and herbs. When I need more, I am pretty sure I’ll re-purchase this pack. Great price too!