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    Seed Sprouting Trays, 50-piece

    Buy 50 pieces/ set plant sprouting trays at affordable price. Three heights can be selected according to planting needs: 50mm/ 55mm/ 100mm. The plant trays have the advantages of good flexibility, not easy to crack, and can be used for plant transportation or direct seedling cultivation.
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    Wholesale seed growing trays for seedling cultivation of succulents, maca, dendrobium, etc. The seed trays are made of PP material so they have good flexibility, are fall-resistant and sun-resistant.


    Model T-FZ-425D T-FZ-425A T-FZ-460
    Height 50mm 55mm 100mm
    Dimension 540*280*50mm 425*425*55mm 460*460*100mm
    Standard Quality ±3% 280 230 610
    Quantity (Piece/ Case) 50 50 25
    Material PP PP PP
    Package Weight 14kg 11.5kg 15.2kg
    Packing Size 47*44*44cm 43*30*43cm 47*32*47cm


    50mm height seed trays

    55mm height seed trays100mm height seed trays


    Applications of seed starting trays

    Tips: What are seed starting trays?

    Seed starting trays (also called seedling trays) have become an important garden tool in the factory seedling production process. Whether it is flowers or vegetables, seed growing trays are the most fundamental change in modern gardening, which guarantees fast and mass production. The materials for making plant growing trays generally include polystyrene foam, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene. The manufacturing method includes blow molding and injection molding. Common vegetable and ornamental plant seedling trays are made of polystyrene material.

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    Jeremiah | 3/23/2021 2:58 AM
    Black 50 pieces seed sprouting tray
    Does your 50 piece seed sprouting tray have any green color?
    A manager responded to this review
    Sorry, this 50 piece sprouting seed tray is only black, not green.