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    10" Bench Grinder, 1 HP, 2A

    Affordable price bench grinder for sale. Grinding wheel φ10 inch (250mm), thickness 1 inch. Rated power can select 1 HP (750W) or 2 HP (1500W). Power supply 3-phase 380V 2A or 3.9A. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Best quality, industrial/commercial/home use.
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    Model T-MD3225
    Rated Power 1 HP (750W) 2 HP (1500W)
    Rated Voltage 3-Phase 380V 3-Phase 380V
    RatedCurrent 2A 3.9A
    No-Load Speed 2850 rpm
    Wheel Diameter 10 Inch (250mm)
    Wheel Thickness 25mm
    Wheel Hole Diameter 32mm
    Wheel Type brown corundum grinding wheel
    Work Quota 40% 100%
    Temperature Rise 75℃
    Weight 35 kg 39 kg

    Structure Diagram of Bench Grinder

    Structure Diagram of 10" Bench Grinder, 1 HP, 2A


    • Grind and polish small tools, cutters and parts.
    • For flexible-shaft system with quick manual loading and unloading, it can grind, mill, engrave, polish, refurbish and sand the parts.

    Application of 5 Inch Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    Tips: How to solve the problem that the grinding wheels are fragile or wear too fast?

    • Reasons
    1. Grinding wheel type is incorrect.
    2. Grinding wheel is out of date.
    3. Bearing is damaged.
    4. Grinding wheel installation is incorrect.
    • Solutions
    1. According to features of grinding material, replace grinding wheel to appropriate type.
    2. Replace with a new grinding wheel.
    3. Replace the bearing.
    4. Re-install grinding wheel correctly according to product manual.
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