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    5" Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    Cheap bench grinder for sale. Grinding wheel diameter 5 inch (125mm), thickness 0.8 inch. Motor power 1/5 HP (150W). Power supply single-phase 220V 0.7A. No-load speed 2850 rpm. Low price with high quality.
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    Bench grinder is a kind of grinding machine with a 5 inch (125mm) grinding wheel, it is used to grind and polish small tools, cutters and parts. Small size, compact structure, portable and convenient for use.


    Model T-MD3212
    Rated Power 1/5 HP (150W)
    Rated Voltage Single-Phase 220V
    Rated Current 0.7A
    No-Load Speed 2850 rpm
    Wheel Diameter 5 Inch (125mm)
    Wheel Thickness 20mm
    Wheel Hole Diameter 12.7mm
    Wheel Type brown corundum grinding wheel
    Work Quota 40%
    Temperature Rise 75℃
    Weight 9 kg

    Bench Grinder Structure Diagram


    Structure Diagram of 5" Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    Bench Grinder Applications

    • Grinding tools
    • Grinding drill bits
    • Processing metal
    • Processing stone

    Application of 5 Inch Bench Grinder, 1/5 HP, 0.7A

    Tips: Precautions for using bench grinder.

    1. Wear goggles and a mask when using bench grinder.
    2. When the grinding time is long, bench grinder should be cooled in time.
    3. Select the grinding wheel that matches spindle speed of bench grinder.
    4. Distance between grinding wheel and tool holder should be less than 3mm.
    5. Regularly repair the balance of grinding wheel surface to keep it in good condition.
    6. Stop operation during inspection, maintenance and clearance adjustment.
    7. When grinding wheel is shaking, no protective cover, tool holder is worn, and clamping is not firm, bench grinder cannot be used.
    8. It is forbidden to use bench grinder for grinding workpieces that are too large or too small, difficult to control by hand, and nonferrous metals, etc.
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    Biju | 11/3/2020 6:11 AM
    A reasonable price desktop grinder
    I bought this grinder to keep sharp blades for my tools (mower, axe, knife, etc.). It is easy to use and relatively easy to assemble (but the protective plate and several brackets must be tightened). It makes my knives very sharp, which I like very much.